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Los Angeles Towing at its Finest,
You probably never think about towing services until your vehicle breaks down on the road, and then it’s too late. You’ll be at the mercy of fly-by-night towing Los Angeles companies and unscrupulous tow truck drivers who take advantage of your situation and gouge you with high rates, particularly at night.
At Green Los Angeles Towing, one of the oldest and most trusted towing and roadside service companies in the Southland, we don’t play that game. We don’t believe in surge pricing, or in after-hours premium surcharges. With Green Towing Los Angeles, you pay the same towing low rates at 4 o’clock in the morning as you would at 4 o’clock in the afternoon – and we get there even faster because there’s no traffic!
Green Los Angeles Towing is not your average towing company.
There are actually four facets to our 35-year-old family towing business:

  • Regular Towing Los Angeles
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles
  • Impossible Towing Los Angeles


We have state-of-the-art flatbed tow trucks, wheel-lift tow trucks, and specialty service vehicles to handle ANY towing and recovery job, If Green Towing Los Angeles can’t tow your vehicle – No one can! (323) 798-9142

Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks
These are the classic tow trucks that have been around since the 1940s, the ones that lift up the front (or back) of your vehicle and pull it to the destination, but with a modern design. Today’s wheel-lift tow trucks are equipped with two towing bars that gently lift the front (or back) of your car or truck.
Wheel-lift trucks are capable of getting into tight spots, such as a low clearance garage, and they often used in conjunction with “dollies” when a vehicle is stuck in park or has no keys, They come in all sizes and huge wheel-lift trucks, sometimes called Big Wreckers, are used to tow big-rig trucks and busses.

Flatbed Tow Trucks
Flatbed trucks used to be reserved for exotic, expensive, or totally wrecked vehicles, and they used to cost a lot more than wheel-lift service, but nowadays anyone can “baby” their car or truck with a flatbed tow.
Many car manufacturers recommend flatbed-only transportation of their vehicles, and cars that are particularly low to the ground require flat-bedding because a wheel-lift tow truck may scrape the bottom of the car on the asphalt.
Also, cars and trucks LOOK better sitting atop a flatbed tow truck, In Los Angeles, the image is everything!

Winch-out and Recovery
A winch-out is when a tow truck pulls your car our of mud, sand, or that median at the fast food drive-thru lane.
Seriously, we could make a comfortable living just pulling cars out of the sand at the entrance to Dockweiler Beach and off the curb at the In-N-Out Burger on Sepulveda Blvd. But we want to help as many motorists as possible, so call us first when your vehicle gets stuck anywhere, anytime.

Exotic, Luxury and Prototype Vehicles
We have “babied” more luxury and exotic cars in the Los Angeles area than any other Southland service, and we’ve made sure scores of showpiece cars were ready for their close-ups in the automotive advertising industry.
Just this past month, Green Towing Los Angeles has towed a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (valued at over $38 million) 4 Maseratis, a Ducati prototype motorcycle, a Fiskar, and a Bentley; winched out a 40-foot RV from the steep hills above Sunset Blvd; and saved the day for more than one driver who locked their keys in the car with the engine running!

Did you know that 90% of the local towing companies in Los Angeles turn to Green Towing when they are stumped or stymied?
It’s true! We’re the guys to call when all hope seems lost, especially where high-end cars are involved. Since 2002, Green Towing has faithfully rescued thousands of luxury and showpiece vehicles from the jaws of disaster, saving time and embarrassment for all concerned.


We offer the fastest roadside assistance in Los Angeles when a full tow truck is not required. We send you money and time by dispatching service vehicles to help you with jumpstarts, tire changes, gas delivery and lockouts. Why pay for more tow truck than you need? Why wait for a tow truck to make its way through L.A. traffic when we can send a technician on a motorcycle who can reach you in half the time?

Jump Starts
A dead battery is the most common roadside service we provide, and we nail it every time. We don’t care if you left your lights on, or why your battery is dead. We will bring it back to life, whether it’s in a motorcycle, minivan or Mack truck. It doesn’t matter which way your vehicle is facing, or how your battery is mounted, we can jumpstart you.

Tire Changes
Why call us to swap out your spare tire when you have all the required tools in your own trunk? Because time is money. We can probably get one of our expert technicians out to put on your spare tire in less time than it would take you to do it yourself. Plus, we will inspect your wheel and tire for hidden damage, and install your tire professionally in record time. Call us for any tire change because our seasoned technicians will go change a tire where others fear to tread.

Car Lockouts
No need to be ashamed of locking your keys in your vehicle because everyone in Los Angeles does it an average of 3.7 times in their lives, including once in the trunk of a convertible (ouch!). We can unlock any vehicle, any time, anywhere. Big rigs, little rigs, and any car in between. We get to you quicker and charge you less. In fact, our lockouts are so cheap that you’ll want two of them!

Gas Delivery
Actually, it’s fuel delivery because we’ve also delivered diesel gas and hydrogen fuel to vehicles that need it. Fuel delivery sounds simple, but it’s taken Green Towing decades to perfect our system. When you need fuel delivered, we don’t mess around. All out trucks carry an emergency supply of both unleaded gas and diesel gas, and we dispatch immediately. If you have a couyple of hours to kill, get your gas from AAA; if you want to get back on the road right away, call Green Towing Los Angeles.


Green Towing Los Angeles has the latest heavy duty tow trucks in the business, bar none. If you want to see how incredible modern big-rig tow trucks are, Google pictures of Heavy Duty wreckers and tow trucks. They define the term “monster truck.” We also have Lowboy trucks for transporting huge tractors and trailers on L.A. freeways without exceeding the height restrictions, and powerful wreckers that can tow over 100,000 pounds of payload.
Green Towing Los Angeles Heavy Duty also offer services such as jump starts, lockout services and fuel delivery to big trucks and RVs, but mostly we are known for our legendary heavy duty towing services.
Green Towing Los Angeles is the company that other towing companies call when they are stumped, so you might as well call us first.
You might even need a crane to get your truck upright, or a set of two heavy-duty tow trucks to accomplish your task. Whatever it takes, we have it, along with the most experienced bunch of towing technicians that you’ll ever see working for the same company.
Each call we get is not just a job but a challenge, and we love a good challenge. Which brings us to our last category in Green Los Angeles Towing’s extensive list of services… impossible towing.

Call (323) 798-9142, Everything is Possible With Green Towing Los Angeles!
Trust Green Towing Los Angeles with all your tow needs. If you want towing services or long distance, we are available around the clock seven days a week, Our drivers are knowledgeable and skilled on the various kinds of medium duty vehicles on the streets these days.

What is impossible towing? It’s just towing jobs that other companies are unable or unwilling to do, For example, we’ve towed an airplane fuselage down the 14 and 5 freeways, we’ve recovered an 18-wheeler that fell off a freeway overpass, and we recently rescued a stranded motorist whose car had slid into the Angeles National Forest – We used a helicopter for that one!

As you probably guessed by now, No towing / roadside challenge is too big, too small or too unusual for Green Los Angeles Towing, and L.A. drivers have come to depend on us for guaranteed good service – from accurate ETA estimates to completing the job exactly as promised within your budget.