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Heavy Duty Towing Pomona

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Go big!
Tow big!
We offer the biggest of the big tow trucks to tackle any heavy-duty towing job.
Anytime. Anywhere. Any Vehicle. That’s not just our motto, it’s our guarantee that we can help you with any vehicle, no matter how big, no matter how heavy.
So please call us to ask if we can tow your big-rig, your camper or your converted bus.
The answer is always, “Yesirree!”
Our fleet of medium-duty and light-duty tow trucks includes the perfect size tow truck for any task – especially yours.
Among the many oversize and unusual assignments presented to Heavy Duty Towing Pomona, we’ve towed airplane fuselages, car carrier transporters and what-nots.
In fact, last month we towed the biggest what-not you’ve ever seen in your life.
We have gigantic flatbed trucks, mammoth wheel-lifts and supersize wreckers. We can change a tire on an 18-wheeler or a Dually faster than you can say, “Good to go.”
And at Heavy Duty Towing Pomona, we can jumpstart the largest tractor-trailers and diesel trucks. Our decades of experience in the trucking industry gives us a big edge. Whatever your titanic towing needs are, rest assured that we’ve been there, done that.
As soon as you call us for help, the pros spring into action. First we huddle in the dispatcher’s office to discuss your case. Some big trucks can be jumpstarted, others won’t respond to the jump. It takes a seasoned staff like the guys and gals at Heavy Duty Towing Services to know the difference.

What do we do?

If you think all heavy duty towing services are basically the same, think again. There are rag-tag companies who quote you a low rate for heavy towing, but then they tack on extra “padded”charges before unhooking your vehicle. It’s an old trick used by unscrupulous towing companies, but it’s particularly ugly when these shady scam artists get their hands on a big, fat truck.

Our Specialties

We only tow medium-duty and heavy duty trucks, buses and RVs with our heavy duty towing services. We’ll quote you a reasonable hourly rate, and then perform the service as fast as humanly possible.
Even if you don’t need a tow, we can save the day for you. Plenty of truck drivers run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. That’s why we keep at least 5 gallons of diesel fuel in all our tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles.
We’ll be close by with a can of diesel, just waiting.
We’re always waiting, so you don’t have to. If we can’t come to your assistance in thirty minutes or less, no one can.
We are your best bet for heavy duty towing and big-rig assistance. We’re the guys other towing companies call when they can’t tow the really big vehicles.
Save yourself some time and call us first.
But please don’t ask us if we can tow really big stuff.
We can.

Where we serve:

  • Pomona
  • Riverside
  • Ontario
  • Claremont
  • San Bernardino
  • Rancho Cucamonga
Tel: (323) 386-6433