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Auto Body Repair Sherman Oaks

Auto Body Repair Sherman Oaks
Auto Body Repair Sherman Oaks is a family owned business that specializes in complete auto repair. We have been located in Sherman Oaks since our opening in 1992, servicing all vehicles in Los Angeles, but focusing mainly on this beautiful city and providing high quality auto body repair service to the community.

auto body repair sherman oaks

Auto body repair Sherman Oaks
The staff at Auto Body Repair Sherman Oaks is trained to handle your auto body needs ranging from minor repairs to major damage including frame repair. In addition to high quality work, our staff always provides top-notch customer service and goes out of their way to help customers.
We are also a strong advocate for consumer rights. In order to support the belief that consumers have a right to knowledge about how their vehicle is repaired, we are active in ensuring that the legislature protects consumer rights in the auto body industry. If not for the customers, and for the service that we provide that they love, our business would be nothing. Our business has mainly grown through referrals by friends and family, and that makes us well aware of the fact that we need to ensure that all of our customers are protected, no matter where they go. If your vehicle is rendered immovable, we’ll have the best technicians tow it for you to our facilities. Don’t worry about getting over charged like most mechanics do. Our prices are fair and competitive.
Hassle-Free Service In Sherman Oaks!
We’ve re-engineered the collision repair process to be an easy experience for you. In fact, one call does it all. We’ll arrange to have your vehicle towed to one of our convenient locations, or arrange for a rental car to meet you when you drop off your vehicle.
Auto Body Satisfaction Guaranteed by the locals of Sherman Oaks. Gone are the worries about poor quality workmanship, bad service, repair delays and meaningless guarantees. We use our highly skilled expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to maintain a higher standard of quality in our repairs. Simply stated, our commitment is to completely satisfy you.
Don’t hesitate to give us a call any time you need a body repair 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (323) 798-9142. Call now our dispatchers in Sherman Oaks are waiting for you now to ask them any question you may have regarding an emergency auto repair or perhaps an appointment for a repair soon.
Auto Body Repair Sherman Oaks provides auto body collision repair service on both foreign and domestic automobiles. Since opening, we have built our “Premier” reputation on providing superior customer service, honest estimates and high quality repairs. We are open 24 hours a day. So, even if you get into an accident at 3am-5am. Even on New Years! We will store and repair your car with the most care and prestigeous worth ethics in the business. Let’s say you got into a fender bender. Your car has minor damage but you want to fix it. Don’t worry! We will take care of it. There is no work too hard for us. Try us out. Get a quote from our live 24 hour Dipatchers. They are also well trained and capable of qiving out close to precise quotes. Every one who works with our team of professionals is certified and trained to handle all types of damages and situations.
The Auto Body Shop in Sherman Oaks has provided its customers with friendly, expert collision repair service. As a family-owned enterprise, Auto Body Shop has consistently adhered to its mission and values, positioning the business as one of the most respected collision repair centers in CA. Our high level reputation has ensured that we continue to provide service at the highest level of customer satisfaction around, and no other business will have nearly as many happy customers who’ve used it (especially not auto body repair businesses) as we do!
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Every member of our service repair team has an extensive background in the collision repair industry. At Auto Body Shop, advanced repair techniques are essential to maintaining the quality of our work in light of the motor vehicle industry’s constant change and evolving technology. Our staff undergoes specialized ongoing training provided by some of the top names in the collision repair industry. We are # 1 in the Auto Body Repair service. If you’re looking for repairs in Sherman Oaks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week dial (323) 798-9142 for the best services possible!

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