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Flat Tire Change

It has happened to many of us. One minute you are driving down the street, and the next minute you need a flat tire repair service. Green Towing Los Angeles is available for any type of emergency roadside assistance 24-hour daily. Our professional technicians will be dispatched to your location to have your tire repair done or have your tire changed. We can also have your car towed to one of our tire shops and get the damaged tires replaced. We would only recommend one of our partners so that you will get professional service.
Whether you are on a busy street or freeway and you have gotten a flat tire, pull to the side and call a professional. It seems highly statistical that this may happen on rainy days because of the pots and holes on the ground that you may not see and pass over. Or you could drive over a nail or a piece of glass and punctured the tire.
Our professionals are available 24 hours a day to help you out. Whether you face such problem at home, on the highway or anywhere else, call us and let us know if you need to have only one tire or several tires repaired. We will do our best to fulfill whatever the customer requests.

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Some Tips on Avoiding Flat Tires

Facing such a situation is what drivers want to avoid, here are some advice on how to prevent one:

  1. Improper air pressure is one of the major causes of premature wear. You can refer to the owner’s manual or the information tag on the door edge or post regarding correct tire pressure for your vehicle.
  2. Rotating your tires regularly is a good practice. It is always a good idea to keep up with the schedule for rotation specified in the owner’s manual. Also, normally when tires which have traveled around 5,000 miles, they should be rotated.
  3. Taking note of the tread depth is important. When tires are worn below the minimum tread depth, they will be dangerous on rainy days or on wet roads.
  4. Take note of uneven wear on the tires. Sometimes the outer section of your tires may be fine, however, the inner part of the tire may be worn by tie rod ends or ball joints. Check to see if the treads are even.

While such situation can happen anywhere and anyplace, even with the very best of tires, it is always better to take measures to prevent it. If not, searching for the best “flat tire service near me”, will be your next option.

Other Services Available

If you are in need of any other types of roadside service, just contact us. Whether it is for a flat tire change service, car lockout, battery jump start or any other services. Our experienced staff will help you out in any way we can. In the event that we can’t fix your tires for you, we will help you by finding a partner that can definitely do it for you.
Call us today for your free estimate, we hope to hear from you soon. Our operators are standing by 24/7.

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