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Winchout Service Los Angeles

Winch-Out Service Los Angeles

In most of LA county, we receive calls from clients who are stuck on curbs, stuck in ditches or their vehicle turned over. There are also many other vehicles immobilized in mud, sand and gravel, and have trouble removing themselves from that position. Fortunately, our tow trucks are always available to help pull the vehicle out at cheap and affordable rates. Green Towing Los Angeles can quickly send a tow truck to assist you and get you out of your situation.
Our service team commonly do winch-out for vehicles stuck in the sand near the beach. We can make the trip to your location near Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice and so forth. All of our tow trucks, including our flatbeds and wheel lift tow trucks, as well as our heavy duty tow trucks, are well-equipped with reliable cables that will connect our tow trucks to your vehicle, enabling us to do the pull out. If your car has been over turned, you can be sure that we will do what it takes to turn it upright, with minimal damages whenever possible.

For Winch Out Towing Services in Los Angeles

Questions to Help Us Serve You Better

You may be asked a brief series of questions that can help us approach and locate your current location. These questions include:

  1. What is the name of the driver?
    • This is information we can use to address the client more formally.
  2. Is there a phone number which the driver can provide?
    • We need this for our records as a form of communication between you and our technician.
  3. Where is the vehicle currently?
    • Using and providing crossed streets, as well as an address or specific description of a location, we can send out our technician to you quickly.
  4. What kind of vehicle is it?
    • We would like to know a brief description of your vehicle so that we can cater to it more accurately.
  5. What is holding the car back from moving away?
    • If your car is stuck in mud, dirt, gravel or sand, or a curb or over turned, please tell us. So that we can appropriately address the situation with more information.

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