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Tow Truck Insurance Coverages

In the towing business, it’s better to be prepared for just about anything. That’s why we offers such a variety of packages and coverage to suit all of your business.
Type Of Coverage
What It Covers
For Example
Bodily Injury Liability
Covers your legal defense and pays claims to others if your driver is found at fault in an injury accident.
Your driver rear-ends another vehicle and those injured occupants sue your pants off.
Property Damage Liability
Pays the cost of defense and claims that result from damage caused by your vehicle to someone else’s property.
Your driver backs the tow truck into a parked car.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Covers driver and passengers in your vehicle for bodily injuries caused by uninsured motorists.
Your driver is injured in an accident involving a car driven by a person with no liability insurance.
Medical Payments
Provides coverage for medical expenses for driver or passengers in case of an accident.
Your tow truck is broadsided by a pickup truck in the middle of an intersection.
Comprehensive Coverage
Covers damage to your vehicle caused by fire, flood, Acts of God, theft and vandalism.
Your tow truck is damaged in an earthquake, or sprayed with graffiti.
Collision/Upset Coverage
Covers damage to your vehicle in an accident or upset, regardless of fault.
Your tow truck tips over while trying to lift a heavy vehicle.
Garage Liability Coverage
Covers your premises, operations and products.
A tow truck accidentally damages your front gate or retaining wall.
Broad Garage Liability
Additional coverage for your operations and products.
Repairs done by your shop are later the cause of an accident, and you get sued.
On Hook Coverage
Covers motor vehicles while being towed by your truck and driver.
Your driver damages the transmission of the customer’s car by using improper towing techniques.
Cargo Coverage
Covers legal liability for goods or contents in your custody.
The contents of a van are damaged when your driver accidentally “drops” it during hook-up.

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