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Factors that Affect Towing and Roadside Assistance Costs

Towing & Roadside Services

Anyone who has ever owned a car knows a calling for a tow truck is not  pleasant, but for those who have a car, it is an affair that they have come to expect. You are also going to be surprised at how towing may cost.

Every year, American cars suffer breakdowns, drivers may probably think about how much it would cost for a tow. It is a good idea to know the cost of towing a vehicle so you will be prepared if you have to call for roadside service.

No matter if you are running a few errands or just to take a road trip, you should consider this question. There are a few factors that lead to a tow, and a few tips on how to find a reputable towing team.

How Much It Costs To Towing a Vehicle

When it comes to towing, how much does it cost? When towing your car, the first factor to consider is the distance; how far your car needs to be moved. If you need to be towed back home after traveling across the state, the costs can be quite high. The price you will pay for a towing service depends upon distance and size of vehicle, in addition to the hookup charges.

Do You Need to Tow Your Vehicle

You may not always be in such a serious situation if your car is damaged and immobile by the side of the road. Stay calm in every scenario, get to safety as soon as possible, and call the professionals if necessary. Tows may be necessary for the following reasons:

Trouble with Engine

A mechanic is almost always the only one who can fix engine problems. For you to reach an engine expert quickly, you will need a tow truck.

Flat Tire

The roadside is not a pleasant place to focus if you need to change a flat tire, even though many drivers have spare tires on board. Some worry that the vehicle will not be properly secured while being lifted with the jack. It is better to call a professional to help anyone unsure about changing tires.

Issues with the Alternator or Starter

A problem with the battery or alternator can cause the starter to fail. The alternator may be the culprit if the engine is hard to start, but electric problems such as lighting or stereos are also possible. Having a roadside professional and enhance the process of finding out the source of the problem and getting the solution.

Brake or Battery Problems

If you are experiencing a minor battery problem, your vehicle may simply need a jump start. If you are having trouble with your jump-start cables, and if you are experiencing brake problems, you need to call in the professionals.


There is not much a driver can do without the keys. You can rely on towing companies to come to the rescue if you lock your keys inside your car, which is a common problem.

Stuck in Mud

Regardless of the weather, a towing company can assist you if your vehicle is stuck in the sand, mud, or ditch.

Towing service prices will be affected by the above mentioned events individually. It is important to note that these factors won’t be the only ones that influence your final bill, and you should know what else can impact your finances.

Some Factors that Affect Towing Costs

While the reasons for a tow will vary from case to case, there are also costs and circumstantial factors to consider. Consider how your unique circumstances interact with the concerns so that you are better prepared for a roadside situation.

Day, Time, and Weather Conditions

If you run into problems on the road during normal working hours, it will be cheaper. If you call for a tow truck late at night, early in the morning, or in the evening, the price will be higher. The cost of towing can also be affected by harsh weather events such as floods, blizzards, or winter storms.

Size of Vehicle

Every towing situation is influenced by the weight and size of the vehicle and, consequently, affects the cost of a towing service. In addition to offering light, medium, or heavy-duty solutions, the best towing companies will be able to provide competitive quotes.

Special Handling for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Just like any other type of vehicle, hybrid and electrics can break down or develop flat tires. It is also possible for them to run out of charge, so you need a recharging truck instead of tow truck to plug them in again. It is important to tell professionals that you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle and to select a flatbed tow truck over other options when a tow is needed. Towing without this precaution could result in an expensive mistake.

Roadside Assistance or Towing Service

Towing rates should not be combined with issues that don’t require comprehensive assistance. The majority of towing companies can assist with any roadside issues. If you just ran out of gas and don’t require a tow, a towing company is also able to assist you.

How to Avoid Excessive Towing Costs

When it comes to vehicles and personal safety, nothing should compromise it. Towing is meant to solve problems as quickly, and economically as possible. Avoiding them may cost you dearly:

It’s understandable to be wary about changing your tires as roadside repairs can be hazardous. Always seek professional help for roadside repairs.

When a towing company appears without even being requested, it may sound too good to be true. These are usually unreliable operators who examine scanners for motorists who are suffering from unfortunate circumstances. Working with such a team is never a good idea.

Drivers can eliminate these risks if they know how to prepare for towing by adding a reliable, and reputable towing company to the contact list.

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