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Classic Car

Classic Car Towing

Towing classic cars require great details, because they need special care and towing requirements. Transporting classic vehicles is necessary to move them between shows or to relocate them for refinishing or repairs.

For Classic Car Towing Services in Los Angeles

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Green Towing Los Angeles understands how important classic car means to you, because it encompasses both emotional and finanial values. Transporting a ’65 Ford Mustang, a ’59 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a ’58 Porche 356, a ’49 Mercury Eight or any classic car is not the same as transporting modern cars. Classic cars are unique in their makes and cannot be replaced, therefore great care must be exercised when carrying out the towing works.
When it comes to towing high valuable classic cars, we are the right choice for safe and secured transportation. We have flatbed and protected towing for various antique and collector cars.

Quality Services for Quality Cars

We utilize state-of-the art tow trucks, tools as well as techniques. Our towing team possesses latest towing and recovery equipment in the industry. The tow trucks in our fleet are also well-maintained to withstand prolonged mileage and rigorous tasks. We take great caution in handling the vehicles, so that it can reach the destination without a scratch.
To the car owners, the vehicle is more just a piece of machinery, it is precious and cherished. When these unique cars break down and need to be transported, only a dependable towing company with reliability is needed. Our keen sense of responsibility can ensure your vehicle is towed with great precision and no damage.
If you find yourself in a needing roadside services such tire change or flat battery, we can respond to your location and solve your vehicle issues without adding hassle to your situation. Our friendly and well-trained service team will tow your vehicle to any given location in Los Angeles. Whenever you need towing solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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