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MRI Equipment Towing Service

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MRI Equipment Towing Service

Whether you want to move, relocate or tow your MRI equipment or medical equipment, Green Towing Los Angeles can assist you!

Towing and Transportation

We specialize in vehicle, commercial, heavy-duty, commercial, and equipment towing services. From scissors lift to dump trucks, we provide a wide range of versatile towing and transportation services. Whether it is towing light-duty vehicles like cars, medium-duty vehicles like RVs, heavy-duty vehicles like buses, we can manage them all. You can rest assured we will deliver your vehicles or equipment safely. Our towing team is always ready for new towing tasks and challenges.

Vehicles and Equipment Towing

At Green Towing Los Angeles, we also provide towing services for a wide range of vehicles; from motorcycles, cars, vans, SUVs to trucks. We also offer forklifts and MRI equipment towing. We are both diversified and focus on our towing tasks. Our team strives to cater to the towing needs of our customers.

For MRI Equipment Towing Service in Los Angeles

Comprehensive Tow Truck Fleet and Towing Equipment

We possess skilled towing operators, as well as the latest tow trucks to deal with the tasks. When performing MRI equipment towing, we will utilize flatbed tow trucks to move the massive and heavy medical equipment safely. We will use both the forklifts and crane from a boom tow truck to lift the MRI equipment safely onto the flatbed. Lowboys will be utilized if the equipment requires a bigger loading space.

Flatbed tow trucks are capable of carrying 9,000 over pounds of weight. Thus, there is no issue in loading heavy equipment. Our integrated tow truck has an adjustable boom and winch to lift objects to be loaded onto flatbed tow trucks or trailers. The flatbed tow trucks have hydraulically powered platforms located on the back of the tow trucks, the platforms can be adjusted or slide down at an angle to the ground. Vehicles can be driven up on to the platform or winched onto them.

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