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Low Clearance Towing Trucks

Low Clearance Towing

Whether you need a heavy duty tow truck, or low clearance towing trucks, you can always count Green Towing Los Angeles to assist you. There’s nothing that we can’t handle, and there’s no low clearance area that we can’t manage to get a tow truck or roadside assistance vehicle into.

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Most tow truck services have a minimum height of 7 feet 6 inches, but that leaves them unable to help with most tow truck services in parking garages and things such as that. As a result, they end up with a bit of a problem, and end up pushing your car outside for you (which you could’ve easily done) and charging you extra for labor. As a result, it ends up costing you way more money than if you had just gone with our low clearance towing trucks from the start; and we’re happy to prove it any time that you choose to call our tow truck service.
There’s nothing more to wait for; if you want a tow truck that can reach you even if you’re in a parking garage with a height clearance of 6’2″, without having to pay extra for labor charges for pushing your car outside, then save yourself the money and give us a call today. If you do, you’ll find out why so many people are using our low clearance towing trucks to get the help that they need at the low prices that they deserve. Call us for help today!

What are we talking about?

Case in point – low clearance towing. You’ll need a low-clearance two truck if your vehicle is stalled in the parking structure of a shopping mall, school, or apartment complex. Usually, the height clearance is marked over the entrance way. When it comes to this business, we already know what the vertical clearance restrictions are in every parking structure, underground lot and airport facility.
In fact, our portly tow truck driver Shaul also knows the height clearance of every Jack In The Box restaurant drive-thru from here to Stockton. How will you know if you need a low clearance truck? Chances are, if your vehicle is parked in any type of building, multi-story annex or underground structure, you’ll need a special tow truck to fit beneath the entrance to each level.

Why call us?

If your car or truck is situated under a carport or beneath an apartment or condo complex or inside any lowered parking garage, you may need specialized towing. Our low-profile tow trucks – the lowest in the business – can shimmy under a low-slung ceiling of 6’4”.  Most tow trucks won’t clear the clearance, due to the complexity of a tow truck, but we will always be able to provide the right tow truck for the situation.  What the situation you’re in, it could never be too complicated for us, and our towing technicians.
Even if you don’t need a low-clearance tow truck, or you’re not sure, call us for help first. We can determine whether you need a low-clearance tow truck, a flatbed tow truck, a wheel-lift truck or a dolly truck. We send the right tow truck for the right job.  As long as the information of clearance is provided, we’re able to understand your need for us, and we’ll be able to send the right tow truck that will clear your garage to get to your car.  Our technicians are several of the most creative beings in all of Southern California.

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