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Lowboy Towing Services

If you are looking for lowboy towing in Los Angeles, Green Towing is the one you are searching for. We have lowboys to transport vehicles. The lowboy flatbed is ideal for transporting heavy equipment with great stability. If you need trucks to be towed, it can be easily moved with this this towing equipment.

For Lowboy Towing Services in Los Angeles

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Safe and Affordable Medium or Heavy Duty Towing

Besides being reliable and safe, our services come with cheap and affordable rates. On top of that, we are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fulfill your towing needs. You will be provided with quality, efficient and friendly towing service by our professional staff at low prices. We believe in customer service with integrity, and to maintain good customer relations. As a result, they will engage our services in future and refer us to their associates or friends.
There is no vehicle too small or large to handle, whether it is medium duty or heavy duty vehicle, with our complete fleet of tow trucks such as wheel lift, flatbed and heavy duty tow trucks, towing will be smooth, efficient and fast. Contact us and allow us to move away any difficult vehicle or loads that you cannot manage.

Variety of Quality Services

Green Towing Los Angeles offers great towing services and roadside assistance to anyone. We have been rated as one of the top towing companies in Southern California because of our reliable services. We have 2 types of tow trucks which are the wheel lift and flatbed trucks. Flatbed is dispatched for accident tows or vehicles that are all-wheel-drives. It is also used for luxury cars because it is safer for the vehicle not to get more damaged. Wheel lift which can tow basically any car but we like to use this tow truck for cars that are stuck in park or inside parking structures. Beside our lowboy towing services, we also have great road service assistance for anyone that needs gas delivery, lockouts, jump starts, tire changes and battery replacements. Winch out service is available to pull out any vehicle that are stuck in grass, sand, mud and ditches.

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