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We use only the newest and most advanced equipment, because we want to make sure that when you order a flatbed tow truck to help you out, that your car will be left in perfect condition and that you’re not going to get some cheap flatbed towing and bad tow truck driver doing all the work.  We pride ourselves in using on the best of the best technicians, as well as the most technologically advanced transportation vehicles today.  Our state of the art technology and our drivers create an unstoppable force that is unmatched by other towing companies.  When you call us, you can expect the unexpected: punctuality, friendliness, and reliability.
All of our drivers who work on flatbed tow trucks are well familiar with flatbeds and all their new equipment. They will not make a mistake that will end up costing you money, because they know exactly what they are doing. As far as towing flatbed goes, you couldn’t get a better service than with us, especially because of how our trained and certified professional technicians get the job done in both the fastest time and for the lowest price.

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Advantages of Using Flatbed

With this type of tow truck, your vehicle need not have direct contact with the ground surface or road. The reason is that the wheels of the vehicle are on the flatbed. This can greatly reduce friction that causes wear and tear. For luxury cars or exotic vehicles, this method can help protect the engine parts, transmission and other systems of the vehicle which can be damaged if towed on their wheels over long distances.
When towing broken down cars with flatbed is much safer than pulling or hooking them along the road. In addition, safety can be ensured for other road users. The towed vehicle will not sway all over the road which can be potentially dangerous to others.

What Makes Us Unique

Flatbed tow trucks are not the easiest to come across when you are in need of a specialized tow. Most companies only care to service what they can reach, and these tow trucks are both more expensive to maintain and more expensive to buy. However, we believe in consistency. We believe that when you ask for a flatbed, or when you need one because of your low riding car, that it would be wrong for us to deny you one when we know that you are paying money for it.
There’s never been a towing company as dedicated to ensuring that even when you need a flatbed with a hydraulic, adjustable ramp, you will still get the towing service that you need from that flatbed. Most companies don’t bother carrying them in stock, and most who do have don’t employ them in force; but we believe that making sure your cars are safe is of the utmost importance, so we make flatbed tow trucks a staple of our towing services. Your business is important to us, and to you as a customer, and we know that you will appreciate the effort we put into making sure that your experience is as good as possible, with affordable flatbed towing rates.

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Whether you’ve got a low-riding car, you need a flatbed because your car is a 4 wheel drive car, or you simply want to feel more secure with your car on a flatbed, you know that you can always rely on us for more help as far as towing flatbed goes. If you ever need any assistance, especially with towing flatbed or anything like it in the future, definitely give us a call first, as we will be the best equipped and trained to help you out with your particular situation or towing service need. Call us today for more information on towing flatbed or wheel lift towing services!

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