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Medium Duty Towing

Looking for Medium Duty Towing in LA?  Our medium duty tow trucks are among the best in the business. We are able to tow RVs, motor homes, shuttle buses, box trucks, cargo vans, EMT trucks, ambulances and more. In the world of towing, there are heavy duty towing services, as well as light duty towing, but not many people know when to categorize their vehicle as a medium duty vehicle.

For Medium Duty Towing Services in Los Angeles

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Light Duty Weight Classes

Vehicles that are less than 14,000 lbs or equal are considered light duty vehicles and a flatbed or wheel lift tow truck can assist them with a tow. By comparison, medium duty vehicles are far more difficult to tow because of their weight class, but not as difficult when compared to heavy duty vehicles. Heavy duty vehicles are far more difficult than light duty and medium duty, and requires a larger and more sturdy tow truck, so they can cater to the vehicles that are 26,001 lbs and over.

Medium Duty Weight Class: 14,001 lbs to 26,000 lbs

If your work truck is a pickup truck, it may be considered light duty, but since there are equipment and cargo and casing on the truck, the weight class for the vehicle will rise higher and be part of the medium duty tow class. If this applies to you, please provide us with the information so that our dispatcher can accurately assign the right tow truck to your location and provide your vehicle with a tow. Because we do not want to waste your precious time by sending the wrong type of tow truck and fail to assist you.

We Tow Various Medium Duty Vehicles

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not your vehicle is a medium duty vehicle, the sure way is to contact our offices and discuss with us your situation and we will categorize it for you. However, here are several vehicles that fall within the medium duty towing services:

  • Cargo Vans
  • Cargo Trucks
  • Equipment Work Trucks
  • Small Firetrucks
  • Larger Trucks
  • Small Buses
  • Small Motor Homes
  • Other Tow Trucks

Medium Duty Towing

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