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About Us 

Los Angeles Towing at Its Finest

We are a family-owned towing business with 35 years of history. Green Towing was established more than 10 years ago in Los Angeles with a modest fleet of tow trucks and crew. Over the years, as our company and fleet expanded, we are now offering several types of towing and roadside services to our customers.

As one of the most trusted towing and roadside services provider in Los Angeles, we don’t believe in surge pricing or after-hours premium surcharges. So you pay the same low towing rates at 4 o’clock in the morning as you would at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. On top of that we get there even faster because there’s no traffic!

We are not your average towing company. Because besides regular towing and roadside assistance, our specialty is moving of heavy-duty vehicles. So we can manage hard-to-handle vehicles or equipment such as big rigs or even airplane fuselages.



Towing A Vehicle With Flatbed

Green Towing Los Angeles

1041 N Orange Dr Los Angeles CA 90038

Tel: (323) 386-6433

Tel: (323) 386-6433