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The terms “recreational vehicle” (RV) and “motorhome” are often used interchangeably. There is, however, certain differentials between them. A motorhome is used to describe an array of recreational vehicles (RVs), but a recreational vehicle is a legal and technical term. To know which vehicle is qualified as an RV or a motorhome, we can look at the class of the vehicles categorized by United States Department of Transportation. There are basically 3 Classes of RVs; Class A, B, and C respectively.

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“Class A” Recreational Vehicle is a Motorhome

The Class A RV is characterized by its large, squarish shape and size. These vehicles are built on large chassis, normally a bus or a big truck, but sometimes can be custom. Some of these vehicles may contain slide-outs, which is a mechanism that can create additional spaces by sliding out from the motorhome when it is stationary.
Class A RVs are motorhomes that can really be called a “home”, due to the fact of its size, space, facilities and amenities such as living room, kitchen, dining areas, bathroom, master bedroom and etc.

“Class B” Recreational Vehicle is a Campervan

The Class B RV is characterized by its relatively smaller size and space. These RVs may have much smaller kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms compared to Class A motorhomes. However, on the other hand, due to its smaller size, it has better mobility and is able to park in a lot of places. It also has better fuel economy compared to other Classes of RVs.

“Class C” Recreational Vehicle

The Class C RV has size and living space somewhere between a Class A motorhome and Class B campervan. It is built on single chassis, which can be a van or truck chassis. It has a distinctive feature which is an attached cab or alcove, and it fits or overhangs over the front of the RV. This area is typically used for sleeping, entertainment or storage areas.

Other Types of Recreational Vehicles

In addition to the above discussed 3 classes of RVs, there are also other types of RVs, as follows:

  • Truck Campers – They are similar to the C-class vehicles described above. They are smaller RVs which carry in the beds of a pickup truck.
  • Pop-up Campers- They are RVs with pull-out berths or tent walls and collapsible campers. They are towed behind vehicles
  • Travel Trailers- These are lightweight trailers that come with simpler amenities and towed behind vehicles.

Recreational Vehicle Breakdowns

A vehicle breakdown is an event that all drivers want to avoid. However, there are times where no other solutions are available when a family RV or motorhome broke down on the road trip. Because of the different large sizes and weights of these vehicles, regular light duty tow trucks may not be sufficient enough to offer assistance to the stranded drivers.
Green Towing Los Angeles is capable of towing and handling your RVs. Our comprehensive fleet of tow trucks can provide a wide range of towing; from medium duty towing to heavy duty towing. We are able to safely haul and transport your vehicles to designated locations. With our affordable towing rates and safe delivery, you can trust us for a dependable RV towing or motorhome towing service.

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