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Flatbed Skates Towing Services

Flatbed Skates Towing Los Angeles

Skates are used to help towing service providers to load or unload a vehicle on or off a flatbed tow truck or carrier. With these tools in at hand, loading can be much easier and safer.
A skate is a wedged shaped hard plastic tool. They can come in different sizes or configurations, and are used in different scenarios to protect the vehicle from further damages or to the surface the vehicle is on. For instance, if the vehicle has lost a wheel, skates can be stacked and put under the control arm or other parts the elevate and create height to load vehicle safely onto a flatbed. Skates are used to when the ball joint, control arms or tied rod ends of the vehicle is broken or damaged.

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Useful in Many Scenarios

Skates can also be utilized in different scenarios. For instance, if a front wheel drive vehicle is pulled into a parking space against the curb, put the skates under the rear part of the front tires. With skates installed, the vehicle can be towed from the rear to an area where the front is accessible.
Other situations when skates are utilized are when there is need to prevent leaving markings or towing marks on the road or driveway. When the vehicle has the wheel off and ball joints or control arms exposed and dragging the ground, one will place the skates below and elevate them to prevent marks when vehicle is towed. The skates will slide in between the ground surface and the vehicle thus protecting both objects.
With skates available, there is no need to lubricate or shake the flatbed platform to unload a vehicle. This in turn protects both the carrier and vehicle from possible damages.
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