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Wheel Lift Towing Los Angeles

If you are looking for cheapest wheel lift tow truck service provider, dial (323) 798-9142 and call us. Green Towing Los Angeles is proud to say that we are providing affordable yet high quality of towing service in Los Angeles. We take pride on our excellence while helping different customers on various situations.

For Wheel Lift Tow Truck Towing Services in Los Angeles

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High Mobility and Effective

The wheel lift tow truck is designed on the same principle as the hook and chain. However, it comes with more sophisticated variations. It relies on a metal yoke to hold the vehicle by the front or rear end of the wheels. A hydraulic hoist will then lift the vehicle. This prevents the bumper and underside of the vehicle from damages and makes the towing process more efficient.
Wheel lifts are superior to traditional hook and chain trucks, but may still not be suitable for certain vehicles or those with low ground clearance.
This is one towing method and widely used and seen in cities. The towing mechanism of wheel lift is simple. The clamps of the truck are attached to the front or rear wheel. Then the wheels are raised up slightly to allow the free movement. Wheel lift tow trucks are very effective in moving vehicles from small or tight spaces.

Excellent Customer Service

Since we want to deliver you reliable and fast services especially when you are stranded in the middle of the night, we prepared our 24/7 hotline. Our efficient and friendly staffs will handle your situation as soon as you call us. Remember, we are doing this because you, as our customer, are our topmost priority. We assure that within 30 minutes our employees would arrive on your site. We are your best “towing near me” you can find in Los Angeles!

Quick and Reputable Technicians to Assist You

We know and understand that there is an existing crisis at the office, driveway, lot or even highway. We offer roadside assistance in Los Angeles area. If you are in need of car lockout resolution, jump-start or even gas fill, kindly guv us the call. We will simplify your complicated issues in road life. We are hiring well-experienced drivers. Through their experience and acquired skills, they will be able to give you the assistance that you badly need.

Wide Variety of Services

Aside from Wheel Lift Towing Los Angeles, we are also offering the following:

  • Emergency towing
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Flatbed towing
  • Unlock car door
  • Car battery change
  • Car towing after the accident
  • Gas Refueling services
  • Motorhome or RV towing services
  • And more!

Because we wanted to give only the best, we have acquired state of the art equipment and tools so we can better satisfy your needs. This is to make sure that everything we do will yield into its way into excellence. No matter the situation is, you are guaranteed that you are making the best choice with us.

Certified Services and Honest Pricing Policy

Of course, we do know that saving money is important. However, you must also realize that you are going to save more money if you would take your equipment or vehicle into the storage unit, someone in the town or into service center if you will use our wheel lift towing service. You can trust us since our prices are all reasonable enough and there is no hidden charges with us.

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