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Towing Griffith Park provide an excellent tow car service throughout the metropolitan area of Griffith Park and surrounding area. We provide professional towing service at a competitive price. We specialize in road assistance, towing service, tire change, jump start, lock out service, flatbed towing, los angeles jump start and delivery of gasoline. 1st Class Towing makes your breakdown as simple and uncomplicated as can be. We even have our own Los Angeles auto body shop to repair your car if it may be damaged. Our company is insured and has the necessary licenses to provide service in the state of California. As a result, we have the best towing/roadside assistance services around, plus we can help service your car!
Our professional team provides a fast and efficient service with an excellent and friendly customer service. We are continuously attending training lessons and receiving education in order to keep up with the previous, current and new model vehicles. This helps ensure that you end up getting someone who knows exactly how to tow your specific car or provide roadside assistance, and not someone who is figuring it out on the job. We want you to trust us as a company and use our service again in the future, so customer satisfaction is imperative. At Towing Griffith Park, we have the widest coverage of tow truck services in Los Angeles CA and surrounding area. Towing Griffith Park hired high qualified staff and have a lot of experience in towing services to ensure our customers will be satisfied with our services. Our staff undergoes complete training and fully equipped ready to handle all vehicle needs 24/7 day or night in the entire Los Angeles CA and nearby areas. Our services is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, holiday or even weekends our Company will continually provide services to our local residents and Griffith Park visitors.
To ensure no damage occurs to your car during its tow, our service uses flatbed towing trucks for its towing purposes. These trucks are able to tow any car while it is completely flat on the bed (hence the name flatbed), which means there is no possibility of damage to the chassis or undercarriage, and also that your wheels are not turning as you are being towed. With  Service flatbed trucks, the flatbed is hydraulically lowered to make it easy to load your car on the tow truck. With the flatbed at ground level, you find it very easy and safe to haul your car on the Griffith Park Service tow truck.

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Whenever you find that you can’t start your car, while you are stuck in the middle of the road, in a parking lot, outside your own house, or anywhere else just give a call (323) 798-9142.We will immediately send over their Towing professionals to give your car the battery boost it requires, and provide you with the best service in the industry.

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