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Dodgers Stadium

Dodgers Stadium

Towing Dodgers Stadium

Towing Services:

We are family towing business with 35 years of history serving our best in various communities. Green Towing is currently offering marvelous administrations with best quality and best substantial obligation tow trucks near Dodgers Stadium. During the time as our association and team expands, we are advancing a couple of sorts of towing and roadside organizations to our customers.
Our gathering involves specialists who have been serving in this industry for a significant long time. Moreover, we outfit our staff with general getting ready and safe treatment of our latest, most extraordinary equipment for hurt free towing and recovery experience.


As a champion among the most trusted towing and roadside organizations provider in entire town, We offers following Services:

  • Towing 18 Wheeler
  • Towing Big Rig
  • Towing Car Towing
  • Classic Car Towing
  • Towing Commercial
  • Towing Emergency
  • Towing Exotic Car
  • Towing Wheel
  • Hitch Flatbed Skates
  • Towing Flatbed Towing
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Limousine Towing
  • Towing Long Distance
  • Towing Low Clearance
  • Towing Lowboy
  • Towing Luxury Car
  • Towing Medium Duty
  • Towing Motorcycle
  • Towing RV
  • Towing Scissor Lift

18 Wheeler Towing

We offer overpowering commitment towing organizations for the significant weight vehicles. Our 18 wheeler towing organization can enable you in moving the isolated significant weight to truck. 18 wheeler truck can be 53 feet long and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Our organization gather contains master drivers with various circumstances of contribution in towing.

Bikes Towing

Bikes require uncommon taking care of, and nobody realizes that superior to anything Green Towing. we likewise ride cruisers. Truth be told, our GPS-dispatched bike roadside messengers are unquestionably the speediest and surest roadside colleagues around the local area. With more than 20 years of involvement in the cruiser transport field, we have had the delight of towing and pulling the absolute most excellent and costliest bicycles ever made.We have towed more bikes – to courses, to repair shops, and to life partner supported capacity lockers – than some other bike towing and transport organizations.

Flatbed Skates Towing

Different circumstances when skates are used are when there is have to forestall leaving markings or towing blemishes out and about or carport. At the point when the vehicle has the wheel off and swiveling appendages or control arms uncovered and dragging the ground, one will put the skates underneath and hoist them to avoid marks when vehicle is towed. The skates will slide in the middle of the ground surface and the vehicle hence securing the two items. Skates can likewise be used in various situations. For example, if a front wheel drive vehicle is maneuvered into a parking spot against the check, put the skates under the back piece of the front tires. With skates introduced, the vehicle can be towed from the back to a zone where the front is open.
With skates accessible, there is no compelling reason to grease up or shake the flatbed stage to empty a vehicle. This thusly shields both the bearer and vehicle from conceivable harms.

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Green Towing uses the most recent tow trucks and gear for towing vehicles of different sizes and weights. We have fifth wheel hitch tow medium-obligation vehicles.
This hitch is intended to tow high weight things in light of its outline format. The plan was made to hold up extraordinary weight protection and furthermore gives adaptability and versatility. Mounted on the back of a truck in the truck bed itself. With the utilization of an establishment pack, this can be mounted accurately and safely. The vehicle must have the capacity to help the measure of weight that it will as well. Subsequently, checking the maximum towing limit is fundamental. Also, the quality of the truck engine should be broke down to guarantee that the vehicle can pull the weight. We can supervise outrageous to manage vehicles or equipment, for instance, colossal mechanical assemblies or even plane fuselages.


– Our organizations are open 24-hour step by step EMERGENCY SERVICES.
– We furthermore give winch-out and incident recovery organizations.


In case you are stranded out on the town and require empower, for instance, punctured tire to change, battery commence or gas movement, we can give following assistance.
•Battery Replacement
•Car Transportation
•Flat Tire
•Fuel Delivery
•Jump Start
•Winch Out Service
At the point when your auto battery passes on, it is conceivable to get assistance from other well disposed drivers out and about. Be that as it may, the harmonies are not generally sufficiently long or none of the drivers may know precisely where to put the attachments to charge an auto battery. Now and then, you will most likely be unable to energize battery and will require an auto-substitution battery. Our specialists not just have the learning and instruments to appropriately kick off the battery, they will ensure the auto is prepared to backpedal out and about.
Is it accurate to say that you were driving along the street, hit a knock or something sharp and your tire extinguished? You require a protected and dependable punctured tire settle. While numerous individuals attempt this all alone and even practice in their carport, it can be a significant distinctive story when you are pulled over the side of a parkway. There are wellbeing precautionary measures you may not know about and in the event that you are separated from everyone else, it is harder to settle punctured tire. It is constantly prescribed to call the specialists in the business.


We don’t have confidence in surge esteeming or evening time premium additional charges. You pay the same towing low rates at 12 o’clock toward the start of the day as you would at 12 o’clock toward the night – and we arrive extensively speedier in light of the way that there’s no movement! .Green Towing telephone line (323) 798-9142 is accessible without stopping for even a minute.


All organizations are available transversely 24 hours consistently. We offer savage expenses for: auto substitution battery, a quick commence, a tire settle, and open gateway advantage. Call us at our 24-hour towing line (323) 798-9142 and an expert will be with you in 30 minutes!

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