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Encino Towing

Towing Encino is a tow truck company that can help you out regardless of your area. Anytime you’re stuck in your car and need help, you should always think of us first. Green Towing Encino is available 24/7 with any type of tow truck or roadside assistance you could need, for both the best prices and the best service quality that you can come across.

Our tow truck service drivers are not only trained and certified, but are especially helpful because we hire people with more than just good sweet-talking abilities. We believe that, as cheesy as it sounds, having a good heart is always a bit of a plus. Green Towing Encino would prefer to have people who can both help you out for a low price and who care about helping you genuinely as opposed to someone who could swindle you out of more money that you might not even have!

Are you wondering whether or not there’s even a towing service in Encino that actually helps the customer out rather than extorting them for as much money as possible? We know, it’s a little confusing for people to think that there’s a company out there that isn’t just after profits and stealing from customers, especially in this day and age. We know you’re wondering if it’s even possible that a company would take into consideration the needs of a customer who is in a situation as terrifying and confusing as one where they need to be towed.

Well, stop wondering, and give a call today.  See for yourself that there are still companies in Encino who are there to help you in your time of need!

 Service Area

When a call comes in to our offices, we have over 10 dispatchers that are waiting by the phone to serve whoever the person who is calling is and take care of him/her with whatever car problems they are having, our dispatchers are not just any employees and their jobs are not very simple. Our Dispatchers have to be well trained and experienced in the towing industry. The type of calls we get here and Towing Encino are mainly emergency towing so we cannot have amateur people picking up the phone calls not having any idea what the customer wants because when a customer does call he/she is usually in trouble and needs immediate help so we make sure our customers do get the right help they need! We strive to make sure our customer is safe, okay and we make their problems our problems and that when our customers don’t have to deal with anything. Call (323) 798-9142 today for more information or to speak to one of our helpful dispatchers!

What Could Towing Encino Offer For You, Exactly?

  1. Truck/Auto Towing Services
  2. Heavy Duty Tow Trucks
  3. Light Duty/Medium Duty Tow Trucks
  4. Flatbed Tow Trucks Towing
  5. Wheel Lift Towing Tow Trucks
  6. Jump Start Services
  7. Roadside Assistance Services
  8. Flat Tire Replacement Services
  9. Car Battery Replacement/Charging Help
  10. Cheap Towing Services
  11. Local Encino Tow Trucks