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About the Green Towing in Lake Balboa.

Green Towing is one of the greatest car and heavy truck towing service provider in a number of states. The company started over 30 years ago as a small family business and it has grown to be an expert in the field. We offer roadside assistance services on top of towing making our customers trust us and vouch for our great work here in Lake Balboa.

What We Do

We are a well-established company with quite the experience here and the manpower to handle a lot of towing services, besides that, our dispatch can deliver gas, change your tires and even help you out without necessarily towing your car.
Whenever you realize a car trouble that is beyond your ability to rectify let us know. For example, your car won’t start, what do you do?
There are many reasons that cause a car engine not to ignite. The major one being the car battery reason. The battery supplies the ignition power and once the car starts running, the battery gets recharged and is minimally used especially during the day. There are several incidents that can lead to the failure of starting that originate from the battery.

  • The battery has low power, this means that it got drained during use or it could not store enough power. With such a condition jump starting is the best action and replacing the car battery with a better one that can store power. Green Towing we offer jump starting services and even replacing the car battery for you.
  • The other reason is loose terminal, cables connecting to the battery may become loose and hence detach from the battery. The common features are that the car does not start nor light up the dashboard, this is because there is completely no power coming up.
  • The battery may be dead completely, the battery cells wear out with time especially if the levels of the water is not checked frequently. This leads to a slow failure and its first indications are inability to store power

Our team of professionals is well equipped to make proper diagnostics of your car condition once you call them, this is followed by a dispatch team that is available at all time coming over and offering the services needed. If it’s a new battery needed they will bring and have it fixed. In cases of jump-starting, they also do it with much ease.

Our Working Hours and Pricing for Our Services

Our stations are open at any time of the day and night, we do not have weekends or holidays just like your car trouble do not signal when they want to come. You can reach us any time of the day any day of the year.
When it comes to pricing we are the cheapest towing service company in CA. All our services are affordable and do not fluctuate to cover things like distance and other additional services. Ours is a flat rate charge for each service.

Operating Hours:

24-Hour Daily, 7 Days a Week

We Cover the Following Zip Code Locations in Lake Balboa:


Tel: (323) 386-6433