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Green Towing in Lawndale

The best towing services are the ones that leave you satisfied and those that come with the guarantee that your car is under the right care. At Green Towing, we make your interests our priority and make towing an easy choice for you, besides towing we come with a better package whereby we first offer any roadside help that can get you back on your wheels instead of towing. We have been ranked top in the tow business and we endeavor to deliver on our promises.

About Green Towing in Lawndale

The company was started over 30 years ago as a small family-owned towing service company in Los Angeles. We had the idea of serving the locals but we grew and expanded our services to Lawndale. We have since acquired all the modern towing tools making us your best tow truck company.  Our staff is comprised of highly qualified drivers and operators that have an extended experience in this type of services. Our services run all around the clock hence be assured that we will always help you out during those most unfortunate car trouble moments and all our charges remain the same at all times.

What We Do In Lawndale

  • In Lawndale, we are the best towing company that offers a variety of other roadside assistance services together with having the most affordable servicing costs. These are:
  • Lock picking and key replacement services, we understand that you might lock your keys inside that car or even lose them. We offer these services to prevent you from causing much damage like smashing the window pane or worse. We assure you that whenever you call us we get your keys back within no time and without much trouble.
  • Towing is our specialty, therefore, be it big trucks or boats or motorbikes, we can tow all of them using our modern towing tools that are operated by highly qualified operators.
  • In cases of mechanical breakdown like battery dying or flat tires we jump start the car for you or change the tire for you.  We do not wish to get your car towed just because it got a puncture or the car battery failed to start. When you call us we respond with such rapidity that you will admire our less than 30 minutes response time duration.
  • We also do other car body repairs like those that come after an accident. Our team of responders comprises of a very versatile team of men and women trained and experienced to handle all manner of car troubles.

What you will get when you hire us

  • Fast and reliable help no matter what time of the day it is.
  • Well experienced and licensed team handling your car trouble for you with the same care as you would want.
  • Fully certified towing company by the state of California to do the towing for you, and can tow and serve you across the country since they have the permit to operate widely.
  • Additional roadside help that will salvage your car from the trouble and cost of towing

Operating Hours:

24-Hour Daily, 7 Days a Week

We Cover the Following Zip Code Locations in Lawndale:

90260, 90278

Tel: (323) 386-6433