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Los Angeles International airport is the busiest airport in southern california. With flights coming in and out of the Los Angeles area, just trying to drive into the airport presents its challenges. If you had to ever pick someone up at the airport and you experienced car problems such as a flat tire, car stalled on one of the terminals of the airport, that can get a little frustrating to say the least. The next time you experience car troubles, especially in the area of LAX, call to get you out of your car troubles.

As the number one resource for small and large vehicle towing in the area. Towing at LAX understands the road that LAX was built on. Its really not an average stretch of space by any standards and able to read how the traffic can come in and out of LAX is critical in providing reliable vehicle towing.

Towing at LAX has decades of experienced towing professionals that can evaluate your vehicle towing issue and provide you with an “on the spot” solution that will execute the towing job with a prompt, accurate and affordable way. That means that even in the worst of situations, where you might think it’s hopeless or that no one could help you with your particular problem, we can!

Many competitors say that they can provide outstanding service but only Towing at LAX can prove it with its many years of experience in vehicle towing in the LAX area. Towing at LAX hires professionals who have seen and done it all as far as towing and roadside assistance goes, and they’re well prepared and well-equipped with the best equipment in the business to help you with anything you might come across.

That and with Towing’s LAX many towing service features such as:

1. Towing and roadside assistance
2. Boosting service
3. Vehicle Unlocking
4. Winching and Recovery
5. Medium size and Large size vehicle towing
6. Non operational vehicle towing
7. Flat tire changes
8. Flatbed towing services
9. Locked Ignition Service
10. Accident removal
11. Commercial Towing
12. Airplane towing

Affordable towing at an outstanding price when you need it most has been the success that Towing LAX was built on. Towing LAX wants to help you, so give us a call right now for a free quote. Our customer phone representatives are just as experienced as our towing service staff, as well as polite and helpful, so we can accurately answer any question you may have. Call us today, we want to help you.

At Towing LAX, we guarantee the best customer service, as well as quality assurance when dealing with towing your vehicle, and even the most skilled experts of roadside assistance. Backed by the FIRST system, we are trained to put our customers first, to understand their needs and make sure that they are tended. Trained by the FIRST system, Towing LAX’s representatives will make sure that the customer is content, no matter how difficult the job is.

F – Famous: We’re known as the best service around! Towing LAX is known to be the fastest, and most reliable towing company around. We’re known for the best ETA around, and our punctuality, as well as our quality customer service.

I – Inventive: Towing LAX will cater to all your needs. If you need a tow, and have an all-wheel drive vehicle, our professional experts will be able to cater to that too. Our technicians are inventive in ways that will make sure that you and your car are safe, and/or carried to a safe location.

R – Righteous: Our work is guaranteed and the folks at Towing LAX will not push maintenance onto the customer. That means that we will do the work for whatever you need, and we won’t push anything else on to you. If you need a tow, we won’t force you to pay extra for gas and such.

S – Superb: Superb experiences! Towing LAX’s customers have been with us for over a decade, and our wall of fame shows all of our regulars. Our customers contact Towing at LAX for all reasons. They contact us for jobs such as lockouts, jumpstarts, battery recharge and even flat tire jobs. Our customers call us for all of these jobs because they know that they’re calling affordable AND reliable people to come get the job done.

T – Training: Our men and women are trained and certified to assist all customers. Towing LAX’s customer service representatives are trained to be understanding of all customers, and know exactly how to address each call. Our tow truck drivers are trained to train your vehicle with care, and understand exactly what each vehicle needs. Our roadside assistance technicians are skilled with their tools and know how to assist the customer with all of their needs.

With this FIRST system, we learned to put our customers first, and assist them to make sure that all of their needs are met.

Robert G., administrator of, reviewed Towing LAX as “the most reliable tow truck service there can ever be in the business. Punctual, Fast, and Reliable, these guys will make sure that you’re safe and back on the road quickly and back to your routine soon. They’re also one of the most likeable guys servicing vehicle needs in the 90045 area. They’re great at what they do, and I highly recommend them.” (2009)

Towing LAX is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Our customer service representatives are available to take your call every moment of the day, and our drivers are on-call at all hours of the day. Give us a call today at (323) 798-9142.

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