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Towing LAX

Driving around in LA can be hectic, this is because of the traffic in and out of the ever busy airport. This, therefore, means that car troubles are a common occurrence and no one is safe, we Green Towing Company are here for you. We have a wide range of towing services around town and its environs. We are well familiar with routes around Lax and that makes us your most entrusted car towing company.

About the Company

The company is built on family values owing to the fact that it started as a family business in the 80s, giving us over three decades of experience in the towing business. The company has expanded over time and opened branches across many states as well as improving them with time.
From the recent research, we have put in the top ranking in this business as we have modernized and acquired many tools together with a line of towing professional, all of which are licensed and adequately prepared to deal with all your car troubles.

What are some of the common car troubles?

  • Flat tires on the road or punctures at home. Every driver dreads of having a flat tire while driving on the busy roads, or waking up to a flat tire due to a slow puncture, this should not trouble you. With us we do tire changes and even put pressure, we can only tow your car to a safer spot to facilitate this repairs.
  • Car battery dying, this is common mostly to those who leave their car stereo on or leave some of the car lights on. When this happens the car fails to start and you can only jump start it or get a new battery for the time being. We deliver this services where we jump start your car immediately and get your car moving again.
  • Locking your keys inside, forgetfulness is common and with the automatic car door locks, this is so very common. Instead of getting towed we fix and retrieve the keys for you.
  • Run out gas while on the road. Despite the many indicators on the level of gas, many people overestimate the gas level with the remaining distance hence they end up being stranded in the middle of the road with an empty tank. We deliver your gas and any other refill that you may require instead of getting towed or hitching a ride to get to the next gas station leaving your car behind.
  • Accidents are everywhere and more so where the traffic is heavy like in Lax. We offer towing services from accident scenes for all types of vehicles both big and small.

These are some of the many car problems that you are likely to be faced with and we diligently handle them at very affordable prices. We can also deliver different car parts according to your need or tow your car to the car parts shop of your choice.
We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, therefore check us out and you will be amazed by how well we will serve you.

Operating Hours:

24-Hour Daily, 7 Days a Week

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Tel: (323) 386-6433