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Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove, CA

Towing Lemon Grove, CA

Every car owner in Lemon grove knows the need to have a fast and reliable towing service around the city. We at Green Towing Company are the best to ratted in the towing business as we have been in business for a very long time. Having started way back in Los Angeles as a family business, we have grown both in terms of services and experiences placing us at the very top.

What to look for in a great towing company.

The response time. A great car towing responder must avail themselves as fast as possible to avoid creating a jam when on the road or getting you agitated while waiting for them. Most of our responders take about less than 30 minutes to come to the scene. This is because we are familiar with the place and we also value your time and openness.
The other thing is the ability to tow as many types of car as possible. Having the ability to tow all types of cars means that a company has the capacity and the right tools for the job, exempting the probability of using the wrong machine on your new delicate car. We are well able to tow all kind of cars, big and small trucks and even 18 wheelers.
The operating hours, no one likes to feel insecure on the road like you cannot travel during certain hours because if you get into a car trouble, then no one will be there to rescue you. Green Towing Company are there for you anytime, any day all year round. This, therefore, means that we are you all time safety guarantee that when on the road we got your back.
The charges, besides getting the value for your money, no one should charge you a lot of money just because you have been faced with a car trouble emergency. We are very affordable when it comes to towing services and we place every value on every dollar that you pay.
The extra roadside assistance offered, we offer a wide variety of roadside assistance to all customers. These services range from battery solutions, tire issues and running out of gas problems.
The eligibility of the drivers and the company itself. At Green we thrive of the core family values of eligibility and quality standards, we scrutinize our staff to make sure that we only hire the best in the field and we train them regularly to keep them updated on the current tools in the business.

More of our services

  • Towing in all kind of situations and distances, both the long distance and short distance towing. Using either flatbed or front wheel towing techniques.
  • Boosting of the battery power or replacing it.
  • Retrieving of locked in keys or those that have broken inside the door lock or in the ignition.
  • Accident recovery and removal from the site.
  • Removal of car scrap from one site to another
  • Towing to any point of interest for all types of cars.

Operating Hours:

24-Hour Daily, 7 Days a Week

We Cover the Following Zip Code Locations in Lemon Grove:

91945, 91946

Tel: (323) 386-6433