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Leucadia, Encinitas, CA

Towing Leucadia, CA

We are a professional in any forms of roadside assistance and towing needs from recovery tows to huge equipment hauling near and far. Welcome to Green Towing Los Angeles. We have been consistently offering professional towing and recovery service in Leucadia
We offer a diversity of services such as towing, transport, emergency recovery, Flatbed Towing, Wheel Lift Towing, road assistance, heavy duty rollovers and equipment hauling.
Our Towing Service has developed from a one-man/one-truck operation to the largest towing company in Leucadia. Serving the society 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year, we pride ourselves on timely, courteous service and customer satisfaction.

About Green Towing Services

Our client’s initial approach has ear-marked us as high-ranking among insurance providers, law enforcement agencies, and motorists throughout Leucadia. Green Towing was established out of the demand for reliable and swift towing services. We are qualified to accommodate all your unplanned and emergency needs.
With a mission to enhance road safety for motorists throughout Leucadia and neighboring localities, we keep on to apply proven logistics and strategies towards all towing call and roadside recovery. Our objective is to maintain the status as an industry leader in providing towing, recovery and parking enforcement services, all while over and over again setting new standards for quality, safety, and responsiveness.

Green Towing Is the Way To Go


From light-duty towing to medium duty towing to road assistance to incident management, Green Towing has got the appropriate equipment to meet your last-minute demands. Does your heavy equipment need to be hauled? We pull out the appropriate machines. Green Towing maintains the title as one of Leucadia best sources for Towing Experts and for a good reason too. Our operators work together as a team to better serve you with a well-organized and damage-free towing,

Roadside Assistance

The unforeseen breakdown or a tire blow out occurs occasionally when we least expect it to. When it does occur, know that Green Towing will be there to meet you on any side street and key highway to get you up and running again, commercial fleet agencies throughout leucadia and beyond count on us to respond to roadside emergencies that their operators might be involved in. With a growing fleet of trucks and coverage throughout Leucadia, we’re always on our way to you. Jump starts, tire change, you name it, we’ve got you covered!

Incident Management

For several years, we have built a reputation throughout the entire state of Leucadia as the best recovery company in the area; providing damage-free and efficient work. From traffic management to site cleanups, local authorities make us their number-one choice for roadside disasters.

Operating Hours:

24-Hour Daily, 7 Days a Week

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Tel: (323) 386-6433