Towing Long Beach, CA – (323) 798-9142

Stuck off the 710 freeway south of of the 91 freeway? Ever been in an accident heading to school at California State University, Long Beach? Now, if your answer to both of these questions is yes then you can now rely on the city of Long Beaches most trusted name in automobile emergency and non emergency towing, Towing Long Beach.

We have been the cities longest running small and large vehicle towing service for years. wes a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can immediately answer any questions that you may have. With years of towing experience that has been servicing surrounding areas of Lakewood, Signal Hill, Belmont shores, El dorado park and Bixby knolls the residents of the Long Beach community have gotten to trust Towing Long Beach for affordable service.

Towing of Long Beach also services the streets of Long Beach on Wardlow Road, 7th Street, Redondo Avenue, Magnolia Ave. and all the major freeways surrounding the city such as the 91, 710, 605 and 405 freeways going both directions.

Towing Long Beach has the fleet of towing vehicles such as flatbed trucks that can deliver the job in a timely manner. We have a tow truck for every problem, and every occasion, and our technicians can handle anything that comes their way. They’re not only experienced, but trained in every type of problem, so they can provide service at that same low price that we always provide, regardless of the problem that you call in to get help for. It has the staff that will answer all the questions you may have in the towing of your car and truck. It also has the competitive advantage in making sure that the service Towing of Long Beach provides is to your satisfaction, guaranteed. Call today and let Towing Long Beach help you. Ask about our competition price comparison so that you know that you got the best pricing in town.

Long Beach Service Areas

  • Towing 90745
  • Towing 90746
  • Towing 90749
  • Towing 90755
  • Towing 90801
  • Towing 90802
  • Towing 90803
  • Towing 90804
  • Towing 90805
  • Towing 90806
  • Towing 90807
  • Towing 90808
  • Towing 90809
  • Towing 90810
  • Towing 90813
  • Towing 90814
  • Towing 90815
  • Towing 90822
  • Towing 90831
  • Towing 90832
  • Towing 90833
  • Towing 90834
  • Towing 90835
  • Towing 90840
  • Towing 90842
  • Towing 90844
  • Towing 90845
  • Towing 90846
  • Towing 90847
  • Towing 90848
  • Towing 90853
  • Towing 90888
  • Towing 90895
  • Towing 90899

Fortunately for you, if you’ve broken down in the Long Beach area and need a tow or any sort of roadside assistance, you can rely on us to provide that service for you both quickly and affordably. Not many people in other counties or cities can count on that, so if you’re in Long Beach and want to take advantage of one of the top towing companies in the nation, call Towing Long Beach today for more information! You’ll be pleasantly surprised when a polite dispatcher answers, and we know that you’ll love using our service, so don’t waste any more time! Just give us a call today at (323) 798-9142, and see for yourself why our service is the best in the area, and why everyone in Long Beach relies on us for emergency towing and roadside assistance!