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Los Feliz is the little city located in between Glendale and West Hollywood areas. This little city is off the 5 freeway and in between the 101 as well. When you seem to run into vehicle problems around Los Feliz Blvd. or even Sunset Blvd. know that your number one towing service is always around, working around the clock 24/7. There is no time of the day that we cannot assist our beautiful little city of Los Feliz, and there is no service too great for us to handle. Contact Towing Los Feliz for what you need.

From the best customer care around to the most excellent services offered in the area, we are tough to beat. Being a towing company we handle all kinds of tows and even offer other services alongside it. When it comes to how to treat our customers, we will always respect you and care for your safety. We have a staff highly trained and specialize in over the phone services to help you avoid emptying your wallet. These people are glad to assist you with what they can, and with whatever they can’t, they will definitely send you technicians who are very able to assist you immediately. Towing Los Feliz is proud to be serving the city of Los Feliz for over 22 years now, and will happily keep on.

Towing Los Feliz Services

Some of our towing services here deal with car collisions, accidents, and heavy duty pulls for the more powerful ones. If you happen to get into an accident or your car gets hit in any way, and you need a tow, we are the ones for the job. Whether it is over 100 miles tow or just a mile away, we have long and local distance services offered for both. For the lower riding vehicles, our inventory is filled with flatbeds, and for the heavier duty tows, we got the heavy duty towers. For the winch pulls, we guarantee to pull you out of anything you get stuck in, (ditch, sand, dirt, mud, etc.). Some of the other services we offer here are battery, tire, refueling, and all other roadside assistance things you need.

Towing Los Feliz have highly trained staffs that are very able to answer you call for help. They are always ready to take on any issue you might be facing concerning your vehicle. Whether it is small or big, contact us (323) 798-9142 and see what we can do for you! Don’t worry we don’t bite.

What we cannot assist you with is impounding vehicles which are not yours. We don’t exist to make money off people and make their life harder than what it needs to be. In vice versa to your assurance, we will never come take your car when it is illegally parked, or remove it from the front of a crazy old woman’s house without your permission! Call Los Feliz Towing now! (323) 798-9142

Towing Los Feliz