Towing Lynwood, CA – Call (323) 798-9142

Towing Lynwood is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days week. We’re never close because we understand the belief that at any moment in a day, our cars can fail on us. We understand that in our beautiful city, that there are over a thousand businesses, and its home to over 70,000 people.
We know that in this city that not everyone sleeps, so for this reason, we’ll gladly be awake to help you out at any time too!

Services that Towing Lynwood  provide are, but aren’t limited to:

• Locksmith Services
• Booster Services
• Gas Deliveries
• RV Towing
• Mud Pulls
• Trailer Towing
• Flat Tire Repairs
• Ditch Winch Outs
• Wrecker Services
• Accident Recovery
• Body Shop Towing
• Flatbed Tow Trucks
• Heavy Duty Towing
• Medium Duty Towing
• Wheel Lift Tow Services
• Car Lockout Assistance
• Car Battery Deliveries
• Jump Start Services
• Flat Tire Changes

All of the Towing Lynwood technicians here have at least 4-5 years of experience beneath their belts, and each have enrolled in a mandatory week-long training event where they’re trained to be able to tow any kind of vehicle, from motorcycles to small cars, from minivans to larger trucks. The following is a more descriptive list of the type of vehicles we can tow:

• motorcycles
• scooters
• vespas
• ATVs
• mopeds
• sports cars
• smart cars
• luxury cars
• exotic cars
• minivans
• vans
• trucks
• pickups
• sportsman
• campers
• trailers
• buses (large and small)
• construction equipment
• semi-trucks
If your vehicle isn’t listed above, don’t worry! We’re always exploring new towing techniques, so we’ll be able to cater to all of your towing needs.

Most people don’t know, but towing isn’t all we do. During the training, our technicians are trained and familiarized with different types of tools to be able to provide roadside assistance to all who call us for such service. When you accidentally leave your keys in the car, and it’s all locked and your windows aren’t cracked, what do you do? Well instead of smashing in your windows, for a fraction of the price of replacing the glass, you can call our tow truck service and we’ll be able to set you up with best technicians to come by and retrieve your keys for you.

Another service we provide is jumpstarts. If you managed to magically drain your battery of all of its power, that’s okay because we can definitely come by, hook up your battery with professional grade cables and provide your car with the power it needs. Other companies may just come out with cheap cables that will probably fry your car’s internal computer.

And just so embarrassingly, some people have called us, unhappy that they ran out of gas on the road. It’s a common mistake, so don’t be so alarmed by it. We understand the need to drive miles and miles on E, trying to push the car until the nearest gas station, but your car gets thirsty too! We’ll come out, and rejuvenate your car for you, and you’ll be back on the road in no time!

We’re pride ourselves of what we do here. For the best possible service from the best technicians, give Towing Lynwood a call today and we’ll be sure get you the price you can afford and the service you deserve..

Towing Lynwood – Call (323) 798-9142