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Are you a college student that has just had your car stranded on the campus of East Los Angeles Community college due to a dead battery? Did you encounter an unexpected car accident on the transition of the East 60 freeway and North 710 freeway? If your answer is yes to these questions or experiencing anything similar these vehicle troubles, then your in luck, the city of Monterey Park has come to rely on Towing Monterey Park as a trusted name in vehicle towing service for decades.

Our tow company has proudly been servicing the surrounding areas of Monterey Pass Rd., Garvey Ave., Graves Ave., Ceasar Chavez Ave., Atlantic Blvd., Garfield Ave., Portrero Grande Drive and along the 60 freeway, 710 freeway and 10 freeway going in both directions. Towing Monterey Park also services the surrounding communities of Arcadia, Temple City, Rosemead, Montebello, Commerce, East Los Angeles and Alhambra.

Answering the call for help, Towing of Monterey Park has been able to assist in any vehicle towing in a emergency or non emergency setting. Our towing staff whether answering your call on the phone or answering your call in person at your location will be able to access your situation and offer an immediate resolve. Quality, friendly service at an affordable rate is the secret to Towing of Monterey Park’s success.

What Towing Monterey Park does not do is impound towing. This is the only service of which we do not service. We are an emergency towing company and whenever you need us, wherever you are, we come to your aid and make sure you are safe and sound. What we are not all about is causing headaches and ruining people’s days. We are not out to get those who park illegally and those who park in front of their neighbor’s house. We do not care to scam you and make money off you when you are making a simple mistake or just purposely bothering someone else. This is none of our business. Unless the sheriff or a cop contacts us to impound tow that is a service that we will not take care of!

Be assured that our staff is always ready to handle any of your vehicle dilemmas. They are always operating with the state of the art technology and are on the top of their game. Constantly going through tough training to make sure that their towing service abilities are keen and sharp, that they will never mess up on the job, and that they will live up to your expectations. Whether it is towing or a roadside assistance job, contact us at Towing Monterey Park and see how we can help you today.

What Towing Monterey Park Does

We offers a wide range of services that will help you out of your car troubles, such as accident removal, heavy duty towing, jump start/boosting services, vehicle unlocking, winching and recovery, 24 hour service, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays. Stop looking and act now to receive great reliable towing services!. We want to help you.

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