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Towing Pomona is the most efficient, quick, speedy service in the area. If you are out here stuck with your car and can’t get it moving, give Towing of Pomona a call. We are always standing by to help you out and get you on your way. Whether it is tire failure, engine problems, car starter problems, gas tank issues, or even just locking your keys in your car, Towing in Pomona can help you and Towing Pomona is happy to do so too! With our twenty years of faithful service to the Pomona area and our one hundred percent customer satisfaction, we will save you too.

Remember! Statewide Towing!

Another thing, if your car happens to be stuck or any other petty inconvenience of that sort, give us a call and we will see what we can do to accommodate you. For example: car stuck in mud, dirt, and any other sort of accident we can handle you. Towing in Pomona has ranked number one for ten years standing and will remain to do so by saving one client at a time, you as well. Towing Pomona strives to be the best not just in our service but our customer care and we will always follow up with you, so don’t worry because you are in our hands!

Our tow truck service wants you to remember couple of things when you are stuck:

1. We are the fastest and quickest service around
2. Our rates are the lowest all around
3. If you have any car issues we are the ones to contact
4. Finally we are here to help you
Details on our customer service:
Ranging from the 91766-91799 our services will reach you. Just a little explanation of what we will do when we come to your aid as well. Towing of Pomona will simply take down your information first off. Then we will contact one of our thousands of drivers near you to assure that you get a quick and efficient response. Then we will send the driver to you and get you on your way. Depending on your car issue, our driver will analyze it and decide what mechanic shop is the best choice to deliver your precious vehicle to.

Pomona towing

A couple of our customer testimonials:

James Canby story: “I was stuck on the freeway, three exits away from home and my car ran out of gas. I didn’t know who to contact considering I had no other towing services. Luckily with modern day cell phones I was able to just go online and find the closest towing services which turned out to be Towing of Pomona. I contacted towing Pomona right away and let them know what my problem was, and within twenty minutes they were here to assist me and help me get home in time for some dinner.”
Sigal Tubul testimonial: “I had just gotten off the grave yard shift from work and was so exhausted thinking of getting home and going to bed. To my surprise my car battery was dead. I went on the internet at work to find a towing service company that can come help out of this mess and it turned out the Towing Pomona was able to send me a driver to jump start my vehicle. I am happy I called because Towing Pomona got to me very fast and I appreciated that.”