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Phone: (323) 798-9142

Exquisite service is all we provide here at our tow company. Towing Reseda work quickly and orderly, and you’ll never catch us on a day off. We give quality year-round service to all people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Towing Reseda is here for you regardless of whether you call in the middle of the night, or in the middle of rush hour, or the middle of the day. We provide service to anyone who calls, and we do it by providing quicker service than anyone else in the business.

While some other towing companies in Reseda might send you a tow truck that doesn’t fit your specific need out of both laziness and because they intend to charge you for two service calls as they sent two trucks. Towing Reseda save your time by sending you the tow truck that you need, the first time. That’s why we ask you what is wrong with your car before sending anyone out, and for the make and model of the car; we like to be sure that you get the service that you need quickly, without having to wait on behalf of our laziness. And even better for you, Towing Reseda won’t ever try to charge you for multiple service calls because we sent out the wrong truck, because we want to keep the towing service affordable!

If you need assistance for any reason, be sure to call Towing Reseda (323) 798-9142 to speak to a live service representative and we’ll get you help immediately. Our customer’s safety is priority to our towing and recovery service and we take our work seriously. Our technicians service anything from people being locked out of their vehicles to pulling cars and trucks out of the mud! No matter what predicament you’re in, Towing Reseda will be sure to get you out of it. Our professional and helpful dispatchers are waiting on your call all day, every day, and are doing it with the training to ensure we can send you the closest tow truck to you while also ensuring that Towing Reseda sends out the right truck.

Towing Reseda

Where do our trucks do?

We service the Reseda zip codes of 90266, 90267 and any other immediate surrounding areas. Green Reseda Towing is a high traffic area and we stay on point every day to ensure that everyone gets the help they need. Our motto here is “Success, Nothing Less!” Towing Reseda aims to please and our goal is to succeed. We’ve succeeded for over 30 years now, and we’re not looking to quit any time in the near future.

How to reach our cheap towing service

Feel free to call our toll-free number (323) 798-9142 at any time to reach one of our upstanding representatives in Reseda Towing. We will have a driver to your location with 25 minutes of your call, guaranteed. If you are in Reseda and you are stuck in a rut, we are your Towing guys! We do the best work you will ever find in the Green Reseda area.