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Our tow company takes pride in its towing service, because 90% of the time, people who call didn’t need towing to begin with. The average call to a towing company always comes on a emergency, such as experiencing a necessity for a flat tire change, stopping with a stalled vehicle or being involved in some kind of car accident. Santa Clarita Valley is a vast county but you can rest assure that Towing Santa Clarita will be able to service your area.

Santa Clarita Towing

California highway 14 crosses the city of Santa Clarita and if you keep going on that stretch of road you will eventually cross the city of Acton, Palmdale and maybe if you keep going, you will end up in Mammoth Mountain but in the “in between” time of traveling off the highway one can definitely rely on towing Santa Clarita to immediately handle your automobile.  We specialize in all types of towing, such as light, medium and heavy duty towing services.

Currently, our statewide towing services:

1. Santa Clarita
2. Castaic
3. Acton
4. Palmdale
5. Simi Valley
6. Fillmore
7. Victorville
8. Newhall
9. Valencia

Our tow truck technicians services the zip code areas of 91310, 91321-91322, 91350-91351, 91354-91355, 91380-91387, 91390. Towing Santa Clarita also provides roadside assistance on the 5 freeway, the 14 and the 126.

When it comes down to it, the area of Santa Clarita and its surrounding communities can count on Towing of Santa Clarita for all of its vehicle towing. Our competitive pricing and excellent service can not be beaten. We have knowledgeable towing professionals that can take an accounting of your particular towing need and provide a quick and affordable solution. Every single one of our tow truck drivers is up to date on the latest technology and the latest cars, and anytime they have a lapse in memory we even designed a specific application that will tell them exactly how to hook up certain cars and from the front end or the back end.

Everyone who receives towing services from Towing of Santa Clarita will receive towing services of the highest quality, because we always want to make sure that our customers are happy with the services that we’ve provided, and we want them to spread word about Towing of Santa Clarita by word of mouth. We believe that customer loyalty is extremely important, and it’s for that reason that we provide our towing services at such affordable rates. It’s for that reason that Towing of Santa Clarita’s drivers rush to make sure that you get a tow truck quickly and efficiently. Our company only hires the best and most experienced tow truck drivers in the business.

It’s because we care about our customers that we do what we do. We don’t even do impound towing because we don’t want to deal with unhappy customers, just another reason that sets Towing Santa Clarita apart when comparing us to any other towing service in the nation!

Call us today at (323)798-9142 for a free quote. We accept all forms of payment including credit cards.

Towing Santa Clarita Service The Zip Codes:

  • Towing 91310
  • Towing 91321
  • Towing 91322
  • Towing 91359
  • Towing 91351
  • Towing 91354
  • Towing 91355
  • Towing 91380
  • Towing 91381
  • Towing 91382
  • Towing 91383
  • Towing 91384
  • Towing 91385
  • Towing 91386
  • Towing 91387
  • Towing 91390

Santa Clarita Towing