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Green Towing Sylmar


At our tow service, no matter what kind of towing need you may have, we get the towing job done. Quality and reliable service combined with its decades of experienced towing staff, you can set your mind at ease that towing Sylmar will be there for you to help.
Towing Sylmar  services the 210 foothill freeway and 5 Sacramento freeway in both directions as well as the surface streets of Polk Street, Bledsoe street, Glenoaks Boulevard, Hubbard Street, Edgecliff Avenue, Bradley Avenue, Tyler Street, Roxford Street, Herrick Avenue and N Maclay Avenue. The community of Sylmar has a trusting relationship with  Towing Sylmar and this little towing company will not take that for granted
Don’t let other towing companies steer you in the wrong direction and don’t let them take advantage of your emergency towing situation. Be alert in your time and need and take the moment to fully shop around for the best towing rate and then give us a call. We will guarantee your satisfaction with  Towing Sylmar.
As a locally run company that’s been in business for many years, we know what it takes to service the Sylmar area. We know the area inside and out, and we, unlike other towing and roadside assistance services, will always know the quickest ways to reach you. Other companies might be looking at GPS directions, but they don’t go through the streets daily. Unlike us, they waste time punching in street coordinates, and can often get stuck in traffic that we would’ve known to avoid because of our experience servicing the Sylmar area. As a result, when you go with our towing service, you’re getting a company that can reach you quickly, not just for an affordable price.
We’re proud of the service that we’ve provided consistently to the Sylmar area, because it’s a symbol of our continued dedication as a towing company to helping all those who need it. Because we only do emergency towing and roadside assistance, and don’t do any impounding of vehicles, we’re proud to say that we keep our heads clear of unsatisfied customers by keeping our service both impound-free and problem-free. We take every precaution to keep cars safe and in great condition when towing or providing roadside help to them, and we will keep the price as low as the response time! These mantras have helped us build our towing service into the main towing service in Sylmar!

With that said, one can expect us to deliver:

  • RV Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Heavy duty boom tow trucks
  • Commercial towing
  • Cheap affordable towing
  • Wheel lift towing
  • Long Distance towing
  • Short distance towing
  • Boosting service
  • plus much much more!

Decades of towing experience along with award winning customer phone service will make you feel that you got the right people for the time of your need and an affordable price. Call and let us help, we definitely want to help!

Call our statewide towing service today at (323) 798-9142 and find out what we can do for you:

Zip Codes That We Cover in Sylmar Are:

91342, 91392
Sylmar Towing

Tel: (323) 386-6433