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Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of your car breaking down in the middle of the road, living you helpless. It is particularly bad when it happens during the night, or during a very cold winter, or in a location where other cars are not passing by frequently. Some are nervous, others are scared, but all are not sure what to do next. Even people who don’t have a clue about cars start looking around and trying to fix things. As you may guess, their efforts are most often futile and the car remains there not moving, not giving any signs of life. Having your car stop in the middle of the road can be really difficult, but you surely remember, or you can assume, how unpleasant that experience was when we didn’t have cell phones. Yup, there was such a period; it wasn’t more than 15 years ago. Having your car leave you then was the real problem, nowadays all you have to do is call a Towing Tarzana.
Ernest Holmes – a man with a vision
When we are talking about towing and tow trucks, you should know that it all started in the 1916, when Ernest Holmes designed the first tow truck, or breakdown truck, or breakdown lorry or however do you want to call it. As we all know, its purpose is to move automobiles and other motorized vehicles to a location different form the one that they currently have, usually, a garage or a place where they would be repaired, since most of the vehicles that are towed are broken. Holmes was working in a garage when he invented the tow truck. The fact that he had to manually pull cars, together with six other men, inspired him to design the first tow truck. The vehicle that he designed is still located in a museum in his hometown.

Types of trucks

There are few different types of tow trucks that are usually utilized these days. Their differences are usually a result of the fact that they have to tow different kinds and sizes of vehicles. The boom type of a tow truck is actually not used for towing as much as it is used to recover cars that are in a trench, channel or another non-flat surface which causes them to be immobile. The sling tow truck is using hooks and chains, which are tied around the car. This type of a tow truck is very simple, but it is not used often today, because it can damage the surface of the automobile, especially the bumper.

Towing Tarzana

Having in mind the density of the traffic in Los Angeles and its metropolitan area and the dangerous terrain in the area, it comes as a no surprise that many people are in the need of tow trucks when they are driving there. Many of the accidents happen while people are driving through Tarzana and that’s why there are many specialized companies that offer Towing Tarzana services for customers. One of the most popular companies that offer these Towing of Tarzana services is the eponymous company – Towing Tarzana.
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