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Towing Tujunga, CA

Being two different areas in the valley bounded by one library and police station, these two different cities have been integrated into one another. Here at Towing Tujunga we work with the two areas and extend our services all around both. Having a combined population of about forty-two thousand, we interact and serve many of these people. Towing Tujunga offers top of the line services for different car problems. They range from towing to changing a flat tire for you. We have offered our services twenty four seven, meaning we work around the clock all year.
With highly specialized staff that has worked in the area for more than twenty years, there is not a place we cannot come help you out in. Towing in Tujunga’s highly qualified staff will take care of you, Towing Tujunga has employees that can tow with their bare hands, just kidding, But it’s true that Towing in Tujunga really is that good. We get the job done were ever you are and whatever it maybe.

What we strive for:

We strive to prove Towing Tujunga’s excellence to the other competitors around the city. It’s not enough for us that we ranked number one, but we want to remain number one. It really is hard to beat such great service here with such a low cost. One of the customers said that I wish I could find a towing service company that was not trying to scam me and actually wanted to help me and see to it that my car is alright. He stated that his car has been towed three times in the past four years and it was for simple mistake parking. “I completely hated and lost trust in all towing services. Then I came across a flat tire on my car and I could not drive, so I called Tujunga and it completely changed my mind.” We enjoy seeing our clients happy and like to help. If you don’t believe me, give us a call at (323) 798-9142 and we can have a little chat!

How are we different?

What sets Towing in Tujunga apart is that we sincerely care about care about the client. To us you are our friend and we want to see you happy and safe. Whether you need a long distance fifty mile tow or a local from home to mechanic shop tow, we can assist you. If the battery happens to be drained and you don’t want a jumpstart but a battery replacement, we can help you with that as well for a small fee. If you’re out camping and your car happens to get stuck in mud and you don’t know how to get it out. Don’t worry we can come and find you in the woods and pull the mechanic machine right out of there. As you can see we do it all, if it has to do with cars, Towing Tujunga is the one to call.
Tujunga Towing

Tel: (323) 386-6433