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We have achieved positive reviews and ratings because we pride ourselves on a customer comes first attitude. We want to make sure our clients are always satisfied and happy each and every time we work with them. When you give us a call we will respond as fast as possible to insure that you will not be left stranded any longer then needed. This is very important when you are broke down on the side of the freeway or at night in a place you are not comfortable with.
Towing Valley Glen work with the most advanced tow vehicles, to provide our customers with quality service that also ensures the safety of your vehicle. We can recharge your car battery or provide you with a replacement car battery, jump start a car and of course our tow trucks are suitable for any car towing service of nearly all types of vehicles. We have the knowledge and experience to tow cars safely. We have a variety of towing trucks including flat bed trucks. Towing Valley Glen friendly towing staff will pick up your car and take you to your destination 24/7 365 days a year. Call us for a free quote.
At Towing Valley Glen Company, we offer auto towing and all roadside services at the most affordable rates. Whether you have a flat tire, or you locked yourself out of your vehicle, we can come to your rescue 24 hours a day. Whatever make or model your vehicle is, get professional towing services for your car, van, SUV, or truck from Valley Glen Company, where we help you out of a bind! We will do anything we can help: Delivery of Fuel, Lockouts, Jump Starts, Tire Changes, Auto Repair, Long Distance Towing Available.
However, we haven’t even yet listed our most famous service, the one that everyone else seems to be unable to provide at the low prices and high success rates that we do; low clearance towing. A lot of people don’t really realize that when they’re in a parking garage, the garage has a low clearance usually. As a result of that low clearance, if a car doesn’t start in a parking garage, it’s a lot harder to get out. Tow trucks are usually too big and bulky to fit the low clearance; not ours. We have specialized low clearance trucks that can tow you out of the parking garage and save you a lot of pushing and/or problems when it comes to getting your car to a mechanic. As a result, our low clearance towing has become a huge asset to our business, and has helped our business grow to cover more and more areas as low clearance towing becomes more and more abundant. We know that you might be worried you’ll have trouble getting a tow truck to fit inside of the 6’6″ clearance that your parking garage has, but we have trucks that can even fit there!
We offer 24 hr Service with the Best prices in Towing Valley Glen. Call us today.
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