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Hiring the Right Tow Truck After a Car Accident or Breakdown

If you have had a traffic accident and you have to get your car towed, what would you do? Of course, you will call a good tow truck service. In most cases, fire or police departments send the wrecker to the accident scene, but in other situations, such as breakdowns or slide-offs, you may have to call a Towing Los Angeles company in your area.
If you already know a reputable and reliable towing company, that is great.
But if you are new to this all, you should keep a few guidelines in mind so that you can choose the right service and get the most from your money.
Reputation matters a lot
First of all, take into account the reputation of all the company you know about. In your mind, you should shortlist the companies with the highest reputation. Usually, old companies that have years of experienced under their belt are a good choice. And these companies have good reputation as well.
You should make a call to company asking for details, such as their price and payment methods. Some companies offer a variety of payment methods while others only accept cash. Once you have found a good company, save its contact number in your phone.
Don’t blindly trust the unmarked tow truck
As said earlier, if a tow truck is sent by the police or fire department, you won’t have much choice. But your car has broken down, don’t just hire that unmarked truck that comes to your help unannounced. It may be an unreliable service that can cause more harm than good.
Good towing companies will show you their license numbers and other necessary details to let you know that they are reliable service providers. You should check all the details to make sure the company is insured. If something goes wrong, the insurance will cover all the damage by paying you.

Take a picture
car accident towingIf you own a phone with camera, you should take a few photos of your car prior to the arrival of the tow truck. The picture ma come in handy if your car gets damaged while being transported by the tow truck service. This is a good idea if you want to be on the safe side.
Handle the paperwork with care
paper work
While signing the paperwork, just make sure you put your signatures near or below the dollar amount that you agreed on. This will help you avoid the risk of additional charges. So, make a note of this pointer.
Ask for your receipt and invoice
As soon as the work is complete, ask for a copy of the receipt and invoice to make sure you are billed for the services you received. These documents will help you in case you are unfairly overcharged.
Contact your insurance company
Insurance Policy
Based on the situation, in case of a break down or accident, your insurance company can provide coverage. If the insurance company covers the full amount of expenses, you won’t have to pay anything. Therefore, don’t forget to contact your company after the accident.
Do you want to know about tow truck services in LA so you can ask it for help in an emergency? If so, call us for assistance.

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