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Staying Awake: Tips for Tow Truck Drivers

Fatigued driving is an issue not to be treated lightly, especially among truck drivers or towing operators. After driving long hours, it is understandable that one will feel tired and even unintentionally doze off while driving. Staying alert and awake is absolutely essential to avoid crashes, accidents, and injuries on the road. Following are some useful tips to help tow truck drivers stay awake and prevent accidents.

Get Enough Sleep

Tow truck drivers have to be well-rested so that they can handle their tasks and jobs. The best way to to do this is to get enough sleep; with seven to eight hours of sleep. Well-rested drivers are more aware and alert of the road situations, and this can help them prevent getting involved in accidents.

Taking Short Naps

If one does not have enough sleep, get some short naps before getting on the road for the day. The naps should be around 20 to 45 minutes. These short naps can make help drivers fight off the sleepiness, make them more ready and alert to drive. As the body will tend to go back for more sleep after waking up, you may want to take a short walk to wake the body up, get some fresh air and be ready for driving. However, take note that naps are only preventive measures, getting good rest and sleep is still the key to combat fatigue driving.


When you are feeling low on energy, get a cup of coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant that can help one to stay awake for a while. It can only hold the sleepiness for a short time, thus a good rest is still a long term solution to fatigues.

Listen to the Music

When you are feeling tired, listen to some of your favorite songs or turning on the radio can help you to stay awake. Listening, moving the mouth to sing along and thinking about the lyrics can stimulate the brain to be alert. Another alternative is to listen to audiobooks which can help your mind to stay engaged and not doze off.

Let in Some Fresh Air

Sometimes staying in a comfortable position in the seat can cause drivers drowsy; making them want to snooze. You may want to roll the windows and let in some cool breeze to let you stay awake.

Drink Water and be Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential in life, and especially when driving. Dehydration is one of the causes of fatigue and will cause the driver to sleep. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. If you have been drinking caffeine, follow up with some cups of water to ensure you are hydrated.

Healthy Meals

Eat a meal with plenty of vegetables, protein, and fiber. The minerals and vitamins in healthy food can help one to stay awake on a long drive, such as vitamin C and vitamin B. In addition, eating healthy food can reduce sleep disturbances, helping you to get more from sleep each night. Unhealthy foods like junk food can make you feel sleepy and bloated, while healthy food gives you the positive energy you need for daily activities.

Healthy Snacks

Munching on snacks like chewing gum or energy bar while driving keeps your mouth moving and can help you stay alert. Another good idea is to have healthy snacks fruit, so you get healthy vitamins.

Take a Break When Necessary

When you really can’t stay awake on the road, don’t push yourself and stop at the nearest rest stop and have a short walk. If it does not help, then don’t be shy to take a quick nap to refresh yourself. By taking short breaks, you can go through your drives with lesser tired spells.

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