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Road Safety Trips for Commercial Truck Drivers

Driving safety, especially for commercial trucking, includes a series of decisions from individuals. When driving commercial trucks, managing safety is one of the top priorities. Keeping safe not only ensures the safety of the truck driver, but also the safety of the vehicle. Companies would want to keep both their working assets and their experienced workers safe to keep their work schedules on time. The following are some tips in driving commercial trucks safely.

Managing the Speed

Trucks are set with lower speed limits compared to other vehicles; and the limits are there for a reason. The speed limits are intended to keep give the drivers sufficient time to react in emergencies and keep the flow of traffic while things are normal. Also, truck drivers signal when trying to change lanes. It is dangerous for trucks to change lanes frequently, and the danger for accidents increases if drivers do not signal.

Trucks do have blind spots, so truck drivers must stay alert. Staying within the speed limit and keeping a steady and constant speed can also reduce the fuel consumption rate, so driving in this way will not only keep drivers safe but also save costs on fuel. Take into consideration of weather; in winter, be able to slow below the speed limit if needed. In some states, winter can cause the roads to freeze and cause vehicles to swerve which can lead to collisions.

Keep a Distance

Commercial trucks require more space between vehicles to secure a safe stopping distance. As the truck is heavier, it takes more time for the vehicle to come to a stop. Give other drivers space, as almost all trucking collisions happen with the truck rear-ending other vehicles, so maintaining proper distance helps prevent potential collisions. Drivers will put themselves at risk if they trail too closely. Besides, not keeping stopping distance and sudden jamming on brake pedals can wear off the brakes, which can further increase the risk for accidents to happen in the future. Make sure your drivers understand what a safe stopping distance looks like in their vehicles before setting out on the road. Some drivers on the road tend to drive carelessly, so consider using flashers to warn them when needed.

Regular Check-ups and Inspections

The commercial trucks should be regularly checked and inspected before hitting the roads. The fuel, tires, tire tread, and tire pressures need to be checked to prevent any roadside breakdowns or potential malfunction which can damage the truck. During stops in a journey, the driver should have the knowledge and habit of performing the inspections before continuing with the journey. Doing so will help the truck drivers avoiding costly future repairs, but also the need to call for roadside assistance.

Health and Welfare of the Driver

The safety of trucking is not only limited to the time on the road, but also the physical health and welfare of the truck drivers. They need to sleep and rest well to stay alert. Ensure the drivers to have regular breaks; light exercising and stretching are important for truck drives to stay healthy and vigilante mentally. Stick o the drivers hour restrictions and do not let them overwork. Fatigued driving is one of the main causes of road accidents and fatalities. Let the drivers have enough sleep so that they can be ready for the tasks. Do not let the truck idle too long, keep the windows open and let fresh air circulate in the cabin. In the event, there is a vehicle breakdown, use cones, flashers, and flares to warn other motorists on the road while waiting for roadside assistance.

In Summary

These trucking safety tips may sound simple, however, making the right decisions each time can make a difference between getting home safely and getting injured.

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