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Jump Start a Car Safely Without Roadside Assistance

Jump Start Car

There will never be a convenient time to find out your car battery is dead. Depending on the brands, car batteries can last between 3 to 5 years. When your car battery is flat, what can get you back onto the road is a jump start. It gives the battery enough power to start the engine. Then, you can disconnect the power supply, and the engine will recharge the battery.

Is Flat Battery the Source of the Problem?

There are several reasons why the automobile will not start. One must check the battery before doing the jump start. Most car batteries come with code dates, informing the age of the battery. There are also other common signs to whether if the battery is dead or about to expire:

– There is a clicking sound, but no engine turnover when the ignition key is turned on.

– Before starting, the engine cranks slowly.

– When the engine is not on, the headlights are dim.

– Cracks or white substances can be seen on the car battery.

Should the car battery looks damaged, it is advised not to jump it; inform a towing company to have the car towed to a mechanic for examination.

How to do a Car Jump Start Yourself

Make sure the electronics are switched off. They include both the exterior and interior lights, radio, air-con, and devices. They put a strain on the car battery, and additional power is needed at startup.

Position the working car near to the stalled automobile. Put the emergency brakes on both vehicles and make sure they are both turned off. Your jumper cables should not be pulled tight, and can easily reach both car batteries.

Switch off both automobiles and open the bonnet. Be sure to switch off all the electronics in the car that requires a jump start. Remove the key from ignition after checking the electronics are off.

Connecting the Cables

Identify the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Attach the positive clamp of the jump cable to the positive (+) terminal on the car with the flat battery. The positive cable is red in color, however, some cables may differ in the coloring. Then, attach the other end of the jump start cable to the positive (+) terminal on the live battery.

Attach the black jump cable to a piece of unpainted and exposed metal on the car that needs a jump start. It needs to be away from the car battery as well. The purpose is to use it as a way to earth the power. After this, connect the other end of the jump cable to the negative (-) terminal of the working car.

Start the engine of the working car, then leave it idle for about 5 minutes.

When the 5 minutes is up, start the engine of the car with a dead battery. If it is completely drained of power, you might need a little touch of power while turning the ignition. And it doe not start straight away, do not turn the ignition for continuously longer than a few seconds, because it can flood the engine. If the battery is still dead, try to adjust the black cable again, so it has better contact with the bare metal. However, if it still does not work, then you could be facing a more serious issue.

Removing the Jump Start Cables

Remove the jump start cables in the reverse order from how they are attached to the batteries. The black cable from the unpainted metal surface should be removed first, next is the black cable from the negative terminal on the working battery, followed by the red jump start cable attached to the positive terminal on the working battery, and lastly, the red cable attached to the positive terminal on the flat battery.

Safety Precautions When Doing a Car Jump Start

As mentioned, check the condition of the batteries, and the jump cables. If there are signs of corrosion, rust, or damage, do not try a jump start. Forcing a jump start may damage the cars and even cause injury.

Use a pair of rubber gloves when handling the jump start cables to minimize the risk of an electric shock. Remove any metal items, rings, or bracelets on yourself.

The working car should be parked near the stalled car. When stranded on a highway or busy traffic, be cautious if you attempt a jump start. You can consider roadside assistance professionals to help you jump start the car safely.

Examine the temperature of the jump cable plastic casing attached to both car batteries. When they become hot, remove the cables safely and call for professional roadside assistance instead.

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