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The Dangers of Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy vehicle breakdowns can pose big issues to a company or an organization, as regular towing companies couldn’t manage them. You will require the use of heavy duty towing services.

Driving a heavy vehicle such as a semi takes a certain level of skill. Not to mention towing and driving with a heavy duty vehicle using a tow truck. Logically towing something heavy takes even more skills and experience. When involving towing another vehicle, cargo, or trailer, there is a need to be conscious about safety. This is particularly so when it comes to towing big vehicles like semis, buses, and other heavy equipment.

Length, Weight, and Size

The bigger size and length of trailers, semis, or 18-wheelers cause these vehicles to be more threatening on the road. An accident between these big vehicles will lead to damaging results to the smaller automobiles.

Their hazardous factor includes other elements. These vehicles can easily weigh over 32,000 lbs. By definition, heavy duty vehicles weighing above 32,000 lbs. Compare them to regular automobiles, they make huge distinctions when accidents happen.

Semis are longer than regular vehicles. When passing by a long vehicle, the driver of the long vehicle may have difficulty in judging the distance. When passing by a semi on highways, be sure to assess the distance of the long vehicle and surrounding vehicles. Never try to overtake a heavy duty long vehicle in a one-way, unless there is clear visibility of the road in front and no other incoming vehicles.

Stopping and Acceleration

Heavy duty vehicles require more space and time in stopping or accelerating. For a regular vehicle like a car, it will probably take 300 ft for it to stop completely. On the other hand, a semi will need 2 times the distance. A tow truck with a heavy duty vehicle will need even more time and distance to come to a standstill. Should traffic start and stop frequently, this will prove challenging for the tow truck driver with a heavy and long vehicle behind the tow truck. Rear-ending another vehicle will be very dangerous in this scenario. Other motorists on the road should leave enough space between their vehicles and the heavy vehicle in traffic. Try not to stay in the same lane with such a vehicle whenever possible.

Blind Spot

Do recognize the fact that larger vehicles have blind spots. For instance, the blind spots are present on both sides of the vehicle, as well as in the front and rear. The blind spots are the causes of serious accidents, which may result in injuries or fatalities.

One preventive measure is to leave more space when changing or passing by heavy vehicles. Before changing lanes, turn the blinker on to let the truck driver notice you. Never try to make sudden turns around heavy duty vehicles.

Physical Condition of the Tow Truck Drivers and Road Conditions

A tow truck or truck driver may spend many hours driving in their vehicles. Therefore, it is crucial to apply further attention when driving on the road. Be careful and drive defensively; this can avoid potentially deadly injuries. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Some drivers are distracted by cell phones or other devices when driving. These distracted and reckless drivers may not notice what is ahead of them and crash into vehicles. Sometimes tow truck drivers get hit on the job when preparing to tow heavy vehicles on the shoulder of the road.

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