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Equipment Towing and Towing Companies

The popularity of towing companies is on the rise. It is the main objective of towing companies to transport a breakdown vehicle from one place to another at the request of the vehicle owner or the property’s administrator.

A job may require moving equipment from one place to another. Towing heavy machinery requires a variety of tools, especially when extremely heavy machinery components can weigh more than 10 tons, and up to 20 tons. Because construction equipment, building materials, and industrial machinery are often very large, you need a team with experience and the tools to transport your oversized loads.

Several towing companies offer towing services for industrial equipment, tractors, farm equipment, and various other types of loads too large and bulky to transport easily, such as:

Material Handling Equipment:

  • Hoists
  • Forklifts

Construction Vehicles and Equipment:

  • Tunneling and Handling Equipment
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Stone Crushers
  • Tippers
  • Trailers

Earth Moving Equipment:

  • Excavators
  • Bull Dozers
  • Wheeled Loading Shovels

Other Equipment:

  • MRI Equipment

When you need to transport equipment that is difficult to transport across town or over long distances, flatbed hauling can be a great solution. In addition, an experienced tow truck driver will have all the necessary tools as well as the skills to easily and safely transport large freights to ensure a completely hassle-free journey.

How Does Heavy Equipment Towing Work?

The towing of heavy equipment includes moving, shipping, and towing the equipment. Nevertheless, the term may refer to a smaller distance towing service for immovable or broken-down equipment. On the other hand, heavy equipment shipping or transport means long-distance moving for the equipment.

There are 2 types of equipment towing. Each one works differently.

Flatbeds hauling for non-wheeled equipment – Tractors, bulldozers, cranes, and other equipment without road-worthy wheels will be towed by utilizing a flatbed. There are two methods for loading a vehicle onto a flatbed. The driver can drive the vehicle onto the flatbed, or it may have to be hoisted onto the flatbed using a crane.

Wheeled vehicles – These vehicles can be moved without utilizing a flatbed, including buses and semi-trucks. Such vehicles can be moved and tied firmly to the back of a  tow truck, then towed like an automobile. Either the front or rear pair of wheels are placed on the ground. One point to note is that not all heavy equipment is able to be towed this way.

With the use of a flatbed, the tracks or wheels are lifted off from the ground, this will be a safer way to move the equipment to the relevant location.

What is the cost of towing heavy equipment?

Towing over short distances is generally charged by the hour. The rate can range from a hundred dollars an hour, or it can be one grand per hour. Several factors affect your job’s price, including the size, weight, distance, and condition of the equipment, or whether it is powered to move by itself.

Here are some of the aspects that affect the costs of moving heavy equipment:

Distance for travel – The longer the distance it takes to tow your equipment, the more you will have to pay for it in the end.

Size and type of equipment – The cost of towing smaller equipment is lower than that of towing heavy and bulkier equipment.

Is it possible to tow heavy equipment that are immobilized?

Certainly. For this, you will usually need a heavy-duty tow truck equipped with a flatbed trailer, winch, or crane. Additionally, a stable surface may also be required for the location of your heavy equipment, since the crane must extend its “outriggers” to stabilize the truck while it is being moved by the crane.

Heavy equipment that is inoperable, if possible, can be repaired at the site to be more cost-effectively. There are, however, some complex problems that cannot be repaired on the site. Under such circumstances, you may want to hire a heavy towing company to move your equipment.

Long Distance Towing for Heavy Equipment

It will depend on the towing method and the type of equipment. Wheeled vehicles such as semi-trucks or buses can be moved over short distances because they come with wheels. On the other hand, with the use of a flatbed trailer or truck, these pieces of equipment is able to be moved for long-distance.

One point to note is the costs may vary for moving a vehicle or equipment several miles or a few hundred miles in the state or across the states. In short-distance towing, the costs are based on the vehicle towed per mile and not by hours.

Also, most recovery and towing companies don’t provide long-distance moving services. The company will move the vehicle to the location of your choice; it can be to a repair shop, a parking lot area, or a mechanic. After the equipment is moved to the particular location, you will need to engage the use of a heavy haul moving company and pay them separately.

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