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Client Testimonials

“Stan…no job is too far.”
Those were the words of our intrepid tow truck driver Avi, a dedicated and fearless towing technician who will go the extra mile for you – and not charge you for it.
No kidding. Avi will get in his Super Green Towing Flatbed Truck and go to the ends of the earth, or at least to the ends of the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles and beyond, to rescue any driver, any time, in any vehicle.
It matters not what the problem is.
Dead battery?
Avi can jump-start a dead battery with the power of his mind, just by staring at the terminals – even in the rain!
Flat tire?
Avi makes child’s play of a flat tire. He just lifts your vehicle up (no need for a jack) with one hand, and changes your tire with the other. Perhaps you just need air for a flat tire. In that case, Avi can just blow up to 80 pounds per square inch pressure with just the power of his lungs.
A car lock-out , as you probably can guess, is when a driver locks his or her keys in the car. Everyone makes this bonehead mistake every now and then, but give yourself two extra points if you lock you keys in your car with the engine running. You get five extra points if the keys are locked in the car, the engine is running and the car radio is blasting an embarrassing discussion on talk radio.
You know how Avi handles a lock-out? You guessed it – Avi just pulls on the door handle and the car door opens effortlessly.
If Avi can’t repair your vehicle on the spot with his bare hands, don’t worry. He never travels anywhere without his fearless Mean Green Machine Super Flatbed Tow Truck. Just like Avi, the giant Green Flatbed Tow Truck knows no bounds. It’s so big and powerful that it can tow other flatbed trucks, and often does! Avi’s unstoppable Super Flatbed can tow giant industrial machines, oversize vehicles and small planets.
“Okay Stan, I’ll do the job.”
That’s what Avi always says when we call him. Even at 4 o’clock in the morning, when we wake summon Avi to send him on a job far away, he’ll do it. BTW, Avi never sleeps – he just waits. It’s not because Avi cares about some ADHD driver who locked his car keys in his trunk in Pacific Palisades, it’s because Avi cares about GREEN TOWING, and will do everything humanly possible to rescue our stranded and broken-down clients.
Remember, Avi can do no wrong. He can do a wheelie on a unicycle. He speaks 11 languages, including braille. Avi wears a tank top made from a real Sherman Tank.
Avi is the type of towing technician and roadside expert that AAA tow truck drivers dream of being – when they’re asleep.
Not every tow truck technician at TOWING LOS ANGELES is a super-hero like Avi, but we’re working on it.

Client Testimonials

Green Towing Los Angeles Upholds High Standard of Customer Service

Thomas Chung (5/10/2010):

I had just landed at LAX and went to pick up my car in the garage when I realized my car simply wasn’t starting. Apparently, I left the lights on and over the course of the 2 days, the battery died. There was nobody around to help, surprisingly. I called my wife who was able to look up a towing company. A technician from Green Towing came by after just 20 minutes, gave me a jump start, and waiting with me until the car was ready to go. Thank you for making a stressful situation a lot less stressful!

Jennifer Kramer (10/23/2009):

I got a flat tire on my way to picking up my son from school. Green Towing really came through by arriving super fast and changing my tires even faster! Thanks!

Laura Kovener (6/1/2009):

After a slight fender bender, my car just wasn’t starting, so I called Green Towing and they sent someone over right away. Instead of just towing me right away, he checked out my car to see if he could provide assistance on the spot. Unfortunately, it was an electronic problem outside of his area of expertise. However, he was able to take me to a great mechanic and gave me a discount for the time he spent inspecting my car!

Joe Vigoda (11/10/2008):

Zevi Marco, who owns Green Towing Los Angeles, is really a great guy who is fair and understands the importance of his work to people who are in emergencies. I have the number saved in my phone if I ever run into a roadside emergency again.

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