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Insurance For Tow Trucks

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Have you ever towed a Lamborghini ?
Do you tow really expensive luxury cars?
If not, why not?
That’s where the big bucks are!
You’ll never get rich hauling old Honda Accords down the block. The only thing keeping you from reaping the rich rewards of luxury car transport is your fear of damaging a pricey exotic vehicle while handling it – and the ensuing law suit.
Fear no more, Mr. Tow Truck Owner, we are here to keep your trucks on the road, and your bottom line strong.
You’ll breathe easier and sleep much better knowing your tow truck and drivers are insured by the best in the business.
We’ve been providing vehicle and liability insurance for decades to towing services, roadside service providers, auto body and mechanical repair shops, full service stations and auto auction haulers.

We’ve got your back.

Why you need Towing Insurance Services’ Total Package Tow Coverage Plan

When you tow cars, trucks and what-nots for a living, anything can happen – and does!
When tow truck operators and owners get together to trade war stories, it ain’t pretty.
“We had a tow truck driver named richard, who also did heavy duty towing at night for the city. One day we caught him skimming money off the towing fees by overcharging the customer and not reporting this to us. If it hasn’t happened to you as a tow truck business owner, it will at some point. We didn’t confront JR about the discrepancies, we just stopped sending him jobs. He got mad and went berserk one night, and used his giant flatbed to push one of our wheel lift trucks into a row of cars stored in our yard. What a freakin’ mess. I wanted to kill richard, and I was beside myself with anger. But as soon as I got in touch with my insurer, Tow Truck Insurance Services, I realized I was fully covered for the damage to my wheel lift, my customers’ cars and my retaining wall. I was so grateful – and so glad I decided to get my insurance through a company that understands the hassles of the towing and recovery business.”
-Eric Cobalt, Owner-Operator LA Towing And Roadside, Los Angeles, CA
There are two important guarantees you get from an insurance carrier that specializes in towing insurance and liability. Firstly, On-Hook Towing insurance  protects customer vehicles while you’re towing them. A prime concern when dealing with pricey cars and fussy customers.
Secondly, Garage Keepers Legal Liability insurance  coverage protects customer vehicles when parked at your garage, shop or yard.
We all know how finicky car owners can be, and how prissy they get when you touch their precious vehicles. TOWING INSURANCE SERVICES can provide you with the following support services for your towing company and roadside service vehicles:
Liability Insurance
Physical Damage
Collision Coverage
On-Hook Tow Insurance
Garage Keepers Insurance
Straight talk about coverage for professional tow operators.
You never know what tomorrow may bring. In the towing business, you have to be prepared for anything. That’s why we offers a wide array of packages and coverage to suit your business, no matter what size.

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