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Here at Green Towing Los Angeles, we take pride in our work. We realize that you may be on your way to watch your child’s soccer game, to see your daughter’s graduation, or even just on the way to work when your car breaks down, and we take pride in knowing that our trucks are always going to help you more quickly than any other. All our tow-trucks, from flatbeds to regular hook-up trucks, have the latest technology and have the most important quality; great drivers. All are trained, professional, insured, and licensed, and all are there to serve you as the customer. We take pride in knowing that regardless of where you are in the Los Angeles area, when you need help, or what happened to the car, we will always respond quickly and give you the best prices on the market. And we take pride in knowing that even if you don’t agree, we will always listen to your criticism and work constantly to improve ourselves and our company. To the customer; thank you, and we hope our service satisfies you and saves you time and money.

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