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Parking Garage – History, Safety and Low Clearance Towing

The modern parking garages are the result of the need to find a solution for many cars to park in a limited space. Before Parking garages were designed, cars were just parked in enclosed areas, such as a stable where horses are kept. Cars were also parked in garages, which were mixed with the neighborhood. This is confusing to differentiating which of the spaces were meant for parking uses. Cars back in the days were not as weather-resistant compared to modern automobiles; so there is a need to house the vehicle from rain, cold, and heat to maintain the longevity of the automobile.

People’s need for cars grew and as the number of car ownership increase in the early 1900s, there is a need to design parking garages that house many cars with a small space. The multi-story building parking garage is built, based on the idea of d’Humy Motoramp System. In the 1950s, there was a great demand for parking spaces, especially in downtown areas. Thus the construction of parking garages skyrocketed. The parking garages allowed people to park in downtown areas without much hassle. This allows them to work, shop, and spend time in the area easily. The building structures begin to include underground parking and involve more complex designs as well as engineering.

Safety When Driving in Parking Garage

Car accidents and collisions do occur in parking garages. In fact, according to news articles, an average of over five hundred fatal accidents occur in parking garages annually. These unfortunate events are avoidable, as long as drivers remain vigilant and drive cautiously.

Parking garages usually require fee payment before the entrance. So, look for the parking attendant or the ticket booth to buy tickets and gain entry. The entrance is normally controlled using an automated barricade; after receiving the ticket, it will open and the barricade arm will live in an upright position. Take note that low clearance parking garages are common. There should be a sign indicating the height of the parking garage clearance.

When driving in the garage, pa attention to the traffic in the structure. Do not get distracted by cell phone calls, text messages, and other devices. Be sure to keep visual contact on the road, as there are pedestrians, and other vehicles in the structure. Sometimes pedestrians may just dash across, or reckless drivers may speed at sharp corners. A moment of distraction can lead to car accidents.

Equipment and Tow Trucks for Low Clearance Towing

Vehicle collisions are one of the reasons where low clearance towing is required in parking garages. Other causes including mechanical issues, dead cars battery, and flat tire can also need help from towing companies to move the vehicles.

Many parking facilities have low ceilings; some can around 6 feet low. In towing situations like this, a low profile tow truck or low clearance tow truck is necessary.

So when one needs towing a car from a parking garage, the preferred tow truck is usually a wheel lift tow truck. It can tow a vehicle on two wheels and is equipped with a powerful hydraulic metal arm or yoke that lifts the vehicle off the ground. This feature gives better stabilization to the towed vehicle. Another feature of a wheel lift towing truck is the ability to move the arm in a triangular formation. The arm can be lowered parallel to the ground, and the side brackets adjusted to the sides for holding the wheels. When the wheels are in place, they are then locked. Using the remote-controlled hydraulics arm, the towed vehicle can be raised with 2 wheels secured by the towing arm, and the remaining 2 wheels on the ground. When fully secured, the towing can begin.

However, some cars are 4-wheel-drives, all-wheel-drives, or simply cannot go into neutral gear. Towing them without additional support may cause damage to the cars. So, the solution is to tow with tow dollies. Towing dollies are equipped with special wheels to support the towed vehicle. They can prevent the wheels of the towed vehicle to come in contact with the ground. This will enhance the low clearance towing process, and avoid possible damages.

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