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Summer is coming, and the weather is going to get hot. Warmer weather changes a lot of aspects of life. There are different aspects of car care which are influenced by changes in weather and seasons. Using air-con in your automobile during the summer heat is an excellent way to relieve the discomfort, however, a break down may spell great inconvenience to you, especially under the summer sun. Higher temperatures can intensify the maintenance issue of your vehicle. Thus being proactive in ensuring your car is well maintained helps prevent the chances of you running into trouble down the road. The following are tips that can assure your automobile is ready to stand the heat.

Tire Maintenance

Air pressure is influenced by temperatures. With the change in seasons, one could notice an air pressure alert on in his car. Always ensure you keep the right air pressure in your tires. Another factor to consider with your tires is worn and tear; the summer heat causes negative effect the tires as they may wear out quicker. Go to an auto repair shop to examine if the tire treads are not too worn out. Getting the wheels aligned when it is also a good maintenance habit.


Summer heat can weaken the brake pads. Regular check-ups on the rotors and pads for excess wear and tear can help prevent the possibility of malfunctioning brakes. Sufficiently topping up the brake fluids can strengthen those brake pads.

Hoses and Belts

Open the car hood and check the hoses to see if they are in good working conditions. Hose tends to fray under hot weather and high temperature. When left unattended, it can result in more damage. Whenever possible, park in areas where shade is available to avoid the heat from damaging these parts.


Having a working A/C in your vehicle during summer is essential. Air-conditioner can malfunction if worked over long periods. It would not be surprising to see that in the hot and humid summer. One can tell if the air-con is working by listening to the sound of the fan when the air-con is turned on. Should you hear any strange sounds from the A/C, it could suggest there are objects stuck inside, which could cause potential problems.

Cooling System

During summer, cars that are parked for a prolonged period may be susceptible to overheating; this can cause problems to your car systems. To prevent this from happening, you will need a well-functioning cooling system. Be sure to check the vehicle’s cooling system regularly to detect any issues before they occur. Doing so can prevent the system from breakdowns which can result in costly repairs.

Engine Oil

Examine to see if the engine oil requires replacing. The oil is likely to turn black faster or diminished in summer weather. By checking those dip lines, you will have an idea if changing needs to be done. It is advised to double-check on the oil filter as well. This is particularly so should a person needs to go for long trips with his or her vehicle. Failure to do so can result in damaging the engine.

Test the Battery

The battery is another compartment that requires checking. Be sure to test the battery before hitting the road; make sure it is completely functional. When you are not sure how to properly check it, head out to an automobile repair shop. Regular testing and checking of the battery are required if you need to make long trips in your car.

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