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Most people might think getting a tow-truck is fairly simple, and that tow-truck drivers just have to hook up a car the same way every time and get it rolling. It’s not quite that simple. Every car is unique, and every car requires a specific method of towing to ensure that the car is handled properly and with care. Take, for example, towing a 2002 Honda Civic. It may seem simple to just hook up the front of the car to the truck, and get going. However, trained technicians know that flatbed towing is preferable to ensure the Honda Civic’s safety, or that if the car’s keys are left in the “ON” position the doors may auto-lock.
After all, if you go with a untrained technician, you might end up like this:

The good thing is, our trained technicians know how to handle every car, and ensure that your car is handled with the utmost care. We can always assist you, be it with a flatbed or hook-up tow truck, and our technicians will be helpful and professional in any situations. Give us a call today!

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