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I went out to help a lady today with a Tow. It was a brand new white Bentley. The lady had just taken it out of dealership, drove a few blocks away and accidentally rear ended
a lady with a baby in her car. The lady in the Bentley was texting on her cell phone when she looked up she the light had turned red and she hit a lady in an 82 Honda accord
with her baby sitting in a car seat in the back. The lady was furious. The hit wasn’t even hard enough to wake the baby up, but the back of her car was demolished, her bumper was hanging to the side. The Bentley had only a few scrapes and
a crack. The Bentley was still drive able. But the lady was so shook up, she didn’t want to drive the car home anymore. So I hooked her car up and put it on my flat bed making sure I didn’t scratch it.  I towed the Bentley back to the ladies home in Calabasas as she asked. I unhooked it and carefully dropped it down into her garage where it could be safe for her to drive it back to the dealership in the morning. She appreciated how patient and careful I was with her vehicle that she wanted to give me a tip.I said “Thank you, but this is just another day in the life of a tow truck driver.

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