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Help from mobile tire services

There is a story about getting help from mobile tire services:

It was a very beautiful sunny summer day in the sunshine City of Los Angeles when I decided to drive down to our parents home about 340 kilometers away, with my two daughters aged 3 years and 7 years.
My husband had to stay back due to work as he had to complete some urgent matters at office and I decided to leave just to take the kids for a drive and to spend some quality time with their grandparents.
My mind was far from any adverse situations that we would face and only looked forward to the drive and the return journey the next day.
Half way through the unexpected happened and my right rear tire slashed and deflated, with no experience of having changed a tire ever before I was in a major predicament.
Then luckily I remembered saving one of those roadside assistance services that I frequently see on television and also in the local newspapers that we buy.
They advertise their 24 Hour service very vigorously and with much enthusiasm but I never thought that I would be faced with a situation like what I am in now, to test the level of their commitment towards their customers.
I really did not know where I had saved the telephone number in my mobile as I could not remember with all the excitement around and the two kids not helping but making matters worse, by their whining and irritable behavior inside the car.
I had saved the number as towing Los Angeles services which after much fiddling on my mobile I was able to locate and found that they were the mobile tire service near me though I was half way through on my journey.
Their response was quick and they were at my side within a few minutes after I had disconnected the telephone call I had given them.
It was really heartwarming and a blessing to know that the mobile tire service near me could come to my rescue at such short notice and for that I would raise my hat to them.
They were very professional in their approach and found that the tire had to be replaced because it had a long slash which could not be repaired, of which I had told them during our short telephone conversation.
They casually inquired what vehicle I was driving and its model and with that information they had brought a couple of new tires that would fit the size of my damaged tire.
After they had replaced the damaged tire with a brand new one and inflated it they presented the invoice to me, which I paid from my credit card which they swiped in the machine that they had in their vehicle and politely asked me to be on my way and to drive safely.
The professionalism of towing Los Angeles services impressed me immensely and I would recommend them to all my friends who would seek their 24 Hour service which I have no doubt would be exemplary, too.


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